Can Good Win?:
Out of the Cage and Into the Game!

Last Update: 5 September, 2022

Good can win but we need to free ourselves from the following misconceptions:

  1. Myth: Truth is Irrelevant. Only power matters.

  2. No, truth is the foundation of eternal security on all levels. Only if you value and pursue it do you sustain your security. You could be the most powerful person on Earth and effectively kill yourself because you were fooled into accepting the wrong medical treatment, for example. If you don't have the Truth you don't even know which side of an issue is the right one: you are blind and lost.

  3. Myth: Evil is too powerful; Good cannot win.

  4. No, Good is way more powerful than evil. The most powerful evil gets is to attain positions of Government so they can use Public money and military for evil purposes. There is power in that. However, even if Government is infiltrated with evil, Good still has the upper hand of access to vastly more power on the spiritual plane, which dominates the physical.

  5. Myth: Government is absolute power on Earth, before whom our only option is to obey.

  6. No, the spiritual plane operates on Earth, albeit invisibly. In particular Divine power operates on Earth and is more powerful than Government.

    Moreover, evil people tend to be cowards because they know there is nothing nice waiting for them in the Afterlife.

    In pratice, it's amazing how fast Government panics at even relatively small groups of people defying them, even peacefully. For example, the famous trucker protest in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in early 2022, for which the Government declared a state of emergency, was only around 8,000 people at its peak out of a population of 38 million people (2020 figures), which is only about 0.02% of the population objecting to send the Government into absolute panic.

    It's said that in training elephants to be obedient, the youngest elephants are tied to a strong stake, which they learn they cannot move. When they grow bigger and stronger, they still believe they cannot move it, even though they could physically toss it like a toy. The only think which keeps them bound to the stake is their mental belief that it cannot be moved.

    Government power is only the willingness of people to obey! Obedience is your choice! If you refuse to obey, Government power over you is broken.

  7. Myth: Prayer is a waste of time fit for fools.

  8. This misconception is a very serious one, because failure of belief in the power of prayer seems to be the reason people don't simply pray about world issues to solve them. They're so used to the mentality that either you do something physically, or legally, or you're not doing anything.

    This writer has seen the addition of prayer of a single skilled person for about 10 minutes radically change a seemingly impossible national issue as shown in headlines the next day. When you see how powerful prayer really is you will be sorry you didn't pray more.

    Realize that the problem is in you, that you have been duped by enemies your whole life into believing that prayer is useless. Remove this mental obstacle from your heart and you let a genie of great power out of the lamp.

    If your belief needs some help, remember that the entire physical universe was created out of physical nothing: effectively out of the spiritual universe. Prayer is way more powerful than the physical, if done consistently and with a whole heart.

  9. Myth: Money is the greatest security on Earth, withouth which we are nothing.

  10. Asinine, especially with fiat currency. You could spend your whole life working for money only to have it suddenly devalued or stolen. That's not much security. Even as of this writing, purchasing power is eroding at approxiately 10% a year.

    Precious metals are a little better, but you can't eat them.

  11. Myth: One vote doesn't matter.

  12. The purpose of voting is not to win an election but to do your social duty. That's why your vote always matters. If you think you are supposed to decide the outcome of the election you're way outside of your place.

  13. Myth: One person can do nothing.

  14. Definitely one person committed to do nothing can do nothing. It's just a question of which excuse you want to use.

What the Balance of Power is:

Good is way more powerful, fundamentally, than evil, but there are the following problems currently in our opinion:

  1. Many leaders of 'good' organizations are fake, ie. do not stand for a good purpose, and will not lead their followers to oppose evil motions of Government.

  2. Many 'good' people are fake and it's hard enough to get them to do anything at all, such as vote, nevermind choose the best option. They just don't care, and typically support the Establishment, and all its evils, to continue, because they can't be bothered to vote or they vote for whoever the mainstream news tells them the options are.

    Most everyone thinks they are good based on some argument, even the worse murderers, but it's not enough people who will actually put the long-term good of the community ahead of their own benefit when the vote. One proof of this is the consistent Public support for government deficit spending: what this generation borrows and future generations are left to pay back.

  3. Many 'good' people don't care about the truth because they don't intend to do anything about it so it doesn't seem worth their investment of time. But they're forced to listen to the Establishment. Listening exclusively to the Establishment they have no hope but to follow blindly.

  4. Evil has been allowed to assume most positions of social power and thereby use Public law, money, and military for evil aims. This is a very sad failure.

  5. Private society is business-based, and since the profit incentive of business is inherently selfish, this sector of society tends not to care about moral limits to what they do and lobby for.

  6. Many 'good' people are determined to lose the planet because they think they will be saved or safe. Maybe it's because they have good preparations, or maybe it's because a book they believe in says the Earth will be destroyed. You can't expect them to help save anyone but themselves.

  7. Good initiatives tend to be under-supported while evil initiatives tend to be over-supported. This is because once Evil is in Government office they tend to identify and direct public money to organizations which support evil matching their agenda. Truly good organizations, on the other hand, tend to be starved of Government support, because they tend to empower the People, and because good people usually understand no moral imperative to support good initiatives. The attitude goes something like this: that if God wants it, He will support it.

What's the plan?

Just focus on sharing evidence-based truth, wholehearted prayer (eg. pick one issue and commit daily prayer for its improvement whether or not you have confidence in this working), and preparing for the worst in case that happens.

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