The 2023 Israel-Gaza War
Or is it a War against Palestine?

Last Update: 13 June, 2024 (many updates still pending)


  • What this issue seems to be about

  • Palestinian militants (Hamas) made a massive attack on Israel on 7 October, 2023, and Israel declared war (on Hamas) and attacked Gaza the next day.

  • Terms:

    • IDF stands for 'Israeli Defense Forces', ie. the Israeli military services.

    • Israel in this article typically stands for the State of Israel, which is the nation created in 14 May 1948 in the geographical region of West Asia (historically Canaan or Palestine).

    • Palestine is the geographical within which the modern State of Israel and State of Palestine exist.

    • The State of Palestine is divided into two regions (separated by the State of Israel): Gaza, on the geographical west, and the West Bank, on the geographical eastern side.

    • Palestinian is a term for people who are part of the political State of Palestine.

    • Hamas, officially the Islamic Resistance Movement, is the military and political organization elected into authority of Gaza in 2006 and still in political control there (as of this writing). It promotes armed struggle against Israel, an unfortunate policy of violence (which we do not condone), albeit in the name of freedom and independence.

  • Underlying Issues:

    1. Whether or not the nation of 'Israel' today is, in fact, the exact same nation of 'Israel' discussed in the Bible. Spoiler: it's not. Documentary: The Mystery of Israel - SOLVED!.

    2. Whether or not Israelis' religious claim to the land of Israel is valid as exclusively for Jews. A major underlying question in this issue is whether Palestinians, who tend to be Muslim and Christians, 'should' be there, based on ancient religious principles. Those who believe they 'shouldn't' be there have a predisposition to condone their removal.

      At first glance, it would seem that only Jews should be there, since the land was originally promised to Abram and his descendents (Genesis 12:7 and Geensis 13:15) and, of course, Jews claim their lineage from Abram/Abraham. But is the claim a spiritual one or a genetic one? Since the promise was based on descendency, it would seem that a genetic test would be required to establish link to Abraham, but without Abraham's DNA and with interbreding with Gentiles for thouseands of years, biological claims of descendency could be difficult to define nevermind prove. Moreover, if the requirement is genetic, it's not religious, meaning that Abraham's genetic descendents could be among those presently following other religions also.

      Neither are the 12 sons of Israel the starting point of Abram's promise, but Abram himself. Some Muslims claim descendency from Abram/Abraham through Abraham's illegitimate son, Ishmael, including the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Although, in the Bible, God made clear His 'covenant' wasn't with Ishamael (Genesis 17:21), and although God said Ishmael wasn't to be Abraham's heir (Genesis 21:10), God still acknowledged Ishmael as Abraham's decendent (Genesis 21:13). That might mean that Ishmael retained land rights despite forfeiting rights to inheritance of religious inclusion and all non-land forms of wealth.

      As for Christians, by Bible theology Christians are partakers in the Jewish covenant which Christ is suppoesdly the fulfillment of. In addition to that, many Christians (including, perhaps, some in Palestine) would be decendents from ancient converts from Judaism: even if unable to prove their lineage now, and that would not cancel their religious rights under God.

      In other words, Jews, Muslims, and Christians can potentially all make a religious claim to that land.

    3. Whether or not the Jews in Israel are Abraham's descendents

    4. It's a fair question. Just because someone is a certain religion doesn't necessarily mean they are also of the same genetic ancestry. In fact, to assume that everyone of the Jewish religion must also be of Hebrew ancestry is absurd: every relgion has converts. Example article March 8, 2013 : DNA Research Confirms That Modern Khazarian "Jews" Are Not the Descendants of Ancient Isrealites or The Seed of Abraham

    5. Even if the land in question really is only for Jews, and they are clearly defined, there is a question of whether or not that gives Israel the right to exterminate every other person in the area to make way for their exclusive settlement. Since the Old Testament of the Bible (Book of Joshua) seemed to support the idea of exterminating everyone in the area to make way for the establishment of a Promised Land for Jews (Deuteronomy 20:16-17), at a glance it would seem that slaughter of other peoples is religiously justified. However the slaughter of these peoples wasn't justified in the Old Testament because they were non-Jews, but because they were committing great sins before God, especially sacrificing their sons and daughters (Geneis 15:16, Leviticus 18:24-25, Deuteronomy 12:29-31, Deuteronomy 20:16-18, Psalm 106:38). Interestingly, the Israel of today is one of the most supportive nations of deliberate abortion in the world (article: Israel’s abortion law now among world’s most liberal), while in Gaza abortion has been more restricted on both social and legal levels. Lastly, unlike today, the Hebrews returning from Egypt can at least show an explicit command from God to conquer the Promised Land that at that time.

    6. Whether or not Christians should support Israel unconditionally, for religious reasons, or if they will impose any moral boundaries on supporting Israel's actions. The theological blackmail of it is that, for those Christians who believe that their relationship with God and eternal security exists only through the Jewish covenant, or even simply Jews (John 4:22), rather than, for example, Christ, any criticism of or even hesitation to support all of Israel at all times in every way could be seen as spiritual suicide.

      However it is important for Christians to be mindful of the following truths:

      1. The only real threat to God's concept of Israel is immorality, which Christians have not opposed. Hebrew/Jewish rights to live in the Promised Land, from God's standpoint, was always conditional on their morality (Leviticus 18:24-30, Leviticus 20:22, 2 Kings 17:5-10, 2 Kings 17:12-18), for breach of which God would throw them out (and did so in the Old Testament account ofthe Babylonian exhile as per 2 Kings 22:16-17). From a spiritual standpoint, immorality was the only thing which could suspend/cancel the Hebrews'/Jews' land rights, never military threats alone, which would only be allowed to prevail if the Hebrews/Jews first angered God.

      2. Jews were thrown out of Israel for militarily rebelling against Rome: a risk they took and lost.

      3. God cannot smile on Christians helping Jews with immoral action.

      4. God made all humans, and cares about all of them. So should we.

      5. Muslims indigenous to Palestine are historically considered children of Abraham.

      6. The elitist idea that Jews are fundamentally above any other kind of human is very dangerous morally, because it is directly opposed to the concept of human equality, on which morality and justice in human interactions depend.

      7. If Jesus had been born in our time, he would have been a native Palestinian, because he was born in Bethlehem, which is part of modern-day Palestine.

      8. Supplying weapons into a war, while allowing aid to be blocked, should be recognized as immoral.

      9. Cruelty to humans and human suffering should be reecognized as a bad thing and if Christianity won't it's lost its soul.

      10. Why should Jews, even who reject Christ, be seen as spiritual masters of Christians, even those who have accepted Christ so long ago that they no longer trace their Hebrew lineage?

    7. Whether or not Palestinians have legal or human rights reasons to resist Israeli occupation.

    8. Whether this is really a religious or a political issue: A lot of people seem to be interpreting this issue in terms of their pre-decided preferene for Judaism or Islam, as though a test of their loyalty, such that whichever side they already favour, they defend the actions of that side automatically. However this is not a theological debate between Judaism or Islam, and neither are Jews the only people in Israel or Muslims the only people in Palestine. Rather religious loyalties are being exploited in this issue, to trigger these kinds of loyalties, but this issue is most correctly seen and handled as a purely political one.

    9. Whether or not the Israel-Palestine relationship is too complicated for the average person to understand or whether that portrayal is, perhaps, a ploy to discourage people from understanding the stunning simplicity of the issue. Video November 11, 2023 Debunked: The myth of complexity of Palestine-Israel

    10. Is it possible that the people already living in Palestine had valid claim to that land on all levels? Maybe the nation calling itself 'Israel' today can't prove their lineage to the ancient Hebrews any better than the people already indigenous to that region, and maybe it's weaker. Maybe they have no right on any level to push out the people already living there.

    11. As for rebelling against occupation didn't ancient Israel do that? Isn't losing that war why they were scattered? Is it so wrong that the Israel of today cannot understand it?

  • What the Threat or Benefit to Life Is in this Issue:

  • War is always a terrible loss of life to the people in that area, especially civilians who had no realistic part of causing it.

    This war has been punishing civilians more than most. On both sides, there has been virtually no mercy for civilians under a doctrine of collective responsibilty.

    As if that weren't bad enough, this war has a tremendous risk to escalate to include other nations, even a World War (III), because some nations are deeply invested in one side, or it's just so horrible to civilians that other nations are under a moral pressure to do something. Since the deeply invested nation is the USA, anyone else getting involved on the other side essentially needs to be prepared to go to war with the USA: a world war Not only that, but nations, but some polarizing on opposite sides of this issue have advanced weapons including a nuclear arsenal.

    Some articles on the risk of a broader war (than only Israel versus Gaza) developing include:

    1. 10/25/2023: CHAIN REACTION: 22 DEVASTATING things that will happen if Israel launches full assault against Gaza –

    2. Oct 24, 2023: 'Would stop World War III if elected President again...': Donald Trump on Israel Hamas War

    Even worse, some analysts believe World War 3 has already begun:

    1. 2 November, 2023: Pope Francis mobilizing Vatican diplomats to quell a world war he says has begun

  • Pertinent Background Information to Understand this Issue:

    1. Palestine is divided into the West Bank and Gaza.

    2. Gaza, a Palestinian region, has been under Israel's occupation since 1967, and under Hamas rule since elected in 2006. Goods cannot enter or leave except with Israeli blessing, due to their blockade. Neither can Palestinians flee the region.

    3. Oct 10, 2023: International Law And Geneva Convention Expert Explains The History Of The Israel And Palestine Conflict And What Happens Next

    4. Although the USA is well known for its weapons, Russia, China, and Iran have been making tremendous advances in weaponry, and in particular, they have hypersonic missiles deployed which the USA, surprisingly, does not.

  • What are the moral truths we need to understand this issue correctly?

    1. Although there have been Palestine-Israel problems for decades, worthy of complaint, there was no moral reason for Hamas to escalate this into a sudden attack on Israel and deliberately including civilian targets.


14 Oct 2023 The crucial context of Israel’s war on Gaza

Map of Gaza

Gaza Strip map2

Also 7 Aug 2022 (before this war) article: The Gaza Strip explained in maps

Live Tracker(s):

Official Narrative:

Essentially: Hamas attacked Israel 7 October, 2023, killing many people, not only in breaching the border but rampaging for 7 hours unopposed by Israeli military, and took hostages back to Gaza. For this, claiming self-defense, Israel has been attacking Gaza without any stop, empahsizing use of bombs, for which Gaza has no significant defense, and holding civilians collectively responsible.

Overview: Wikipedia 2023 Israel–Hamas war


Emotional Understanding:

Before we jump into academic discussion of this issue, it is worthwhile to get an emotional perception of the realities of this issue, for a balanced understanding before making any decisions. Resources include:

Strange things about the Official Narrative:

There's been some specific accusations made public about what Hamas did, which later were retracted, evidence was debunked, or no evidence was found:

Counter-Narrative and/or Peculiarities in the Official Narrative:

  1. Counter-Narrative Overview

  2. Misnomers or Otherwise Unfair Usage of Terms

    1. Hostages versus Detainees: The mainstream narrative portrays Hamas as taking 'hostages' and this is true. However Israel regularly takes many more people than that as their normal Gaza-occupation beheviour for a long time now: holding thousands of Palestinians under 'administrative detention' without trial or even charges. This is, effectively, kidnapping or hostage-taking, far more than Hamas has done, but it's not called that.

    2. Defense Forces versus Terrorists: Hamas are labelled as 'terrorists' because of their attacks on Israel which included Civiilians, while the Israeli military is legitimized under the term 'Defense Forces' (as in Israel Defense Forces), even though it has been killing far more civilians in this war on a daily basis. Either they are both governmental military services or both terrorist groups.

  3. Regarding the Israeli Government claiming that the 7 October 2023 Hamas attack is their 9/11

  4. Example article October 08, 2023 : 'This Is Our 9/11'': Israeli Ambassador After Hamas Launches Surprise Attack On Israel

    It's well known, and easily discoverable through very little research or thought, that the 9/11 (11 September 2001 attacks on USA) official narrative is not only strange, but physically impossible, in numerous ways. As one example, there is no physical way for two aluminum airplanes to turn three huge steel skyscrapers into rubble from top to bottom, especially not without leaving any airplane pieces behind.

    Therefore it seems to be a veiled message from the Israeli Government that the 7 October 2023 official narrative is also false.

  5. Historically, although the USA has been an unwavering supporter of Israel, Israel has not been an unwavering supporter of the USA:

  6. Hamas has no reasonable moral authority from Gazans to still be ruling Gaza

  7. Hamas was elected in 2006, but it was the last election Gazans were permitted. There are the following problems with that in ascribing voter responsibility:

    1. It's too much time to imply a voter mandate still exists. Democracy requires voters being asked their will: not just once, but repeatedly, and the more frequently they are asked the better the democracy. 17 years ago shouldn't be considered democracy but a derailment of democracy.

    2. There were supposed to be elections, such as in 2021, but they were cancelled. Voters having the election cancelled on them means no voter responsibiltiy. It means dictatorship.

    3. Anyone less than 35 years old now (2023) in Palestine would not have been eligible to vote in the 2006 election, and that's most of the population. The population of Palestine is relatively young. This

    4. Although Hamas did win a majority of seats in 2006, the majority of votes were not for Hamas. Article November 1, 2023 : People Claim a Majority of Palestinians in Gaza Elected Hamas — Here's Why It Isn't That Simple

    For all these reasons Gazans cannot be held morally responsible for the actions of the present Hamas government.

  8. Hamas' Failure to scrap their 7 October, 2023 attack on Israel at the planning stage recklessly put Israeli and Gazan civilians in danger

  9. It is difficult to understand how Hamas could see the results of this attack as bringing anything good for their People, even if successful, since not only does Israel have a tremendous military advantage (one of the strongest and most sophisticated military forces in the world), and literally occupy Gaza, but they would surely and severely retaliate, as they did before, for example:

    It seems that Hamas doesn't even care about the lives of the people they are ostensibly fighting for, making them the worst kind of terrorists. From their attitude in making the 7 October attack on Israeli civilians, without considering the consequences to Palestinians, the allegations that they hide their units among civilians, without regard to the danger to those civilians, might be true.

  10. The Israeli government has gone completely immoral regarding their Its ostensibly 'self-defense' response to the 7 October 2023 Hamas Attacks:

    1. Israel has direct responsibilty for the deaths of many Israelis killed in the 7 October 2023 Hamas attack

    2. Presumably for political reasons, this death toll of 'friendly fire' seems to be included in the count blamed on Hamas.

      1. Jan 06, 2024: Israeli Cabinet Meeting Erupts In Anger Over Plan For Army To Probe Oct.7 Mistakes

      2. Nov 10, 2023: Israel Slaughtered Their Own People

      3. October 27, 2023: October 7 testimonies reveal Israel’s military ‘shelling’ Israeli citizens with tanks, missiles

    3. Israel has been conveniently ignoring its indirect responsibiltiy for Hamas' actions by helping Hamas to be Established as a Power in Gaza

    4. Israel may not have created Hamas outright, but they openly declare that they supported the establishment of this group in an attempt to divide power in Palestine (away from the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)), especially to prevent the formation of a Palestinian state.

      This means that, at best, Israel must bear indirect responsibility for the terror of Hamas, and at worst, Israel might still have enough influence over Hams today to be partnering with it against both the Israeli and especially the Palestinian civilians. As discussed, neither seems to show much concern for the lives of their own people.

      Either way, when Israel pursues the punishment of those responsible for the attacks, it should also include itself.

      Resources on this topic include:

    5. The Israeli Government is ignoring that its illegal occupation of Palestine put Israelis at physical risk of retaliation.

    6. Palestine has been under illegal occupation by Israel since 1967 perpetrated towards the destruction of Palestinian culture and identtity. Here is a UN article on that from 27 October 2022: Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territory, tantamount to ‘settler-colonialism’: UN expert

    7. Under international law, Israel actually has no legal right of self-defense from the territory it is illegally occupying.

    8. Articles:

      Although we do not condone attacks on civilians in any case, as presneted in the following video, Hamas' legal right, under international law, to resist the occupation goes so far as to even legalize attacks on civilians of that occupying nation, according to Dr. Boyle in this video: Oct 10, 2023 International Law And Geneva Convention Expert Explains The History Of The Israel And Palestine Conflict And What Happens Next (see from 7:04 to 9:00). Again, we do not condone attacks on civilians in any case, but it goes to show that Israel's occupation is a legitimate grounds for grievance by Hamas. Even though (in our opinion) Hamas chose the wrong (violent) way to protest the ongoing occupation, Israel shouldn't pretend to have been attacked in complete innocence.

    9. The Israeli Government's failure to quickly put down the 7 October 2023 Hamas attack is practically impossible to explain except by a deliberate stand-down order exposing their own people to harm.

    10. It's reported that they collected arms from the Israeli border communities about a month before the attacks. It just goes to show that gun control is tantamount to murder.

      It's reported that organizers, anxious over tensions, were thinking to cancel social events in the border communities at that time, but the Israeli Defense Force told them not to.

      This idea that Israel didn't see the attack coming, not even when directly warned by other intelligence services (such as Egypt), and even though they occupy Gaza, is unbelievable. Ignoring Gaza surveillance, there would be many Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers whose job, and only job, is to watch and defend that border. The idea that they somehow weren't available, or wouldn't notice crowds of enemy soldiers breaking through with tractors, goes far beyond accidental oversight. Similarly, the narrative that Israeli intelligence couldn't see Hamas openly shooting Israelies on the street in Israel in broad daylight, but somehow It knows where every Hamas soldier is hiding in Gaza (in an attempt to legitimize those areas as targets for Israeli airstrikes), is unbelievable.

      Even if blind and surprised, they have equipment (such as attack helicopters) which could have responded in 7 minutes but instead they took 7 hours.

      Related articles:

      1. Oct 22, 2023: This is coming from an #Israeli… you should listen to him. He actually served on the #Gaza boarder.

      2. Oct 22, 2023: BOMBSHELL intelligence analysis: Israel ordered STAND DOWN to allow Hamas to attack - Jeffrey Prather and Mike Adams

      3. Oct 15, 2023: FULL SHOW: Israeli Stand Down Confirmed As Western Funding Of Islamic Take Over Revealed, Must Watch!

      4. Oct 12, 2023: Israeli Intelligence Suddenly Knows Exactly Where Hamas Is

      5. 11 Oct, 2023: Israel knew of Hamas attack in advance – US lawmaker

      6. Oct 9, 2023: They KNEW The Attack Was Coming And They KNEW They Would Retaliate!!! What YOU NEED TO KNOW!!

      7. October 9, 2023: Brighteon Broadcast News, Oct 9, 2023 - ISRAEL AT WAR: Gaza destruction will spark Palestinian REVOLTS worldwide

      8. CP24 9 Oct, 2024: For years, Israelis trusted the army to defend and inform them. Now many feel abandoned

      9. BBC 9 Oct, 2024: Why did it take Israel so long to deal with Hamas's attack from Gaza?

      10. 9 Oct, 2023: Egypt intelligence official says Israel ignored repeated warnings of ‘something big’

      11. Oct 8 2023: How did Israel and the U.S. miss what Hamas was planning?

      12. Oct 8 2023: No, the Hamas Invasion Was Not an Israeli ‘Intelligence Failure’

    11. Some Israeli officials are deflecting questions about the failure to quickly stop the 7 October Hamas attack until after the war is over.

      By that time, there will likely be bigger problems, if anyone remembers at all.

      The argument seems to have been mostly accepted, however, that now is not the right time to discuss it, so they can show a united front against 'the enemy', but if your war leaders are thorugly corrupt, or even complicit, that's something to know urgently, before you put evil people in charge of running a war, which is the worst possible scenario for humanity.

    12. Israel's Response goes far beyond Defense and fully into the Realm of Revenge and Genocide:

      1. Israel has portrayed Gazans as collectively responsible for the 7 October 2023 Hamas attacks

        1. October 31, 2023: UN: Civilians in Gaza Must Not Be Collectively Punished for Atrocities Committed by Hamas

        2. 31 October, 2023: Paul Bristow: Ministerial aide sacked after call for Israel-Gaza ceasefire

        3. 30 Oct 2023: Collective punishment being used in Gaza: Putin

        4. October 17, 2023 : Israeli Soldier Tells CNN War Is NOT Just With Hamas But ALL CIVILIANS

        5. 13 Oct 2023: Gaza faces collective punishment by Israel: Doctors Without Borders

        6. 13 October 2023: Israeli President Suggests That Civilians In Gaza Are Legitimate Targets

        7. October 13, 2023: Israeli President Isaac Herzog Says ‘Entire Nation’ of Palestine ‘Responsible’ for Hamas Attacks

        8. October 12, 2023: UN experts say Israel's strikes on Gaza amount to 'collective punishment'

        9. 11 Oct 2023: Israel-Gaza: Collective punishment of millions not justified – Humza Yousaf

        The public allegation by Israel's president, Mr. Isaac Herzog, that Gazans are somehow to blame form Hamas' actions because they "could have risen up" and "fought against that evil regime [Hamas]" is immoral. Assuming that rising up and fighting a terrorist organization in power means armed insurrection, that is illegal and violent treason against the Government in power. It is immoral to demand that someone do something illegal and violent to avoid moral responsibiltiy. If anything, it seems to justify Hamas' armed rebellion against Israeli illegal occupation: by Hamas rebelling, under Mr. Herzog's method of evaluation, they show themselves innocennt of accepting subjugation under Israeli rule.

      2. Israel is reclassifying civilians as terrorists

      3. In cases, Israel has declared that, even though they have blocked the exits and bombed the roads, anyone not leaving their home in north Gaza is to be identified as a terrorist. That's right: if you don't abandon your home at the order of another nation you are branded a terrorist. Changing the classification of these people from 'civilian' to 'military' is bad enough, but to change it to 'terrorist' strips them even further of any kind of rights or protections. This allows the IDF to portray the unlimited killing civilians in their own homes as somehow legal. Article 10/24/2023: Israel Defense Forces: Private homes can be “legitimate” targets. By reclassifying civilians as terrorists, they don't even need to provide a veneer of Hamas presence to try to justify attacks on civilian targets.

      4. Israel has been making no noticable distinction children and terrorists

      5. 14 October 2023: Israel-Palestine war: Israeli veteran, 95, rallies troops to 'erase' Palestinian children

      6. Israel has been denying the humanity of Palestinians as a justification for slaughtering them

      7. The portrayal as animals is an attempt to strip them of any rights or protections under the law, and is a typical feature of classical genocide.

      8. Although usually portraed as defense, Israel's intent in this war has also been announced to be one of vengeance

      9. Israel's intent in this war has been portrayed as destroying Gaza (instead of saying 'Hamas')

      10. Hamas being the enemy military, but Gaza being a heavily populated territory, the choice of terms indicates whether the intent is a legitimate military operation or total genocide.

      11. There is no proportionality to Israel's response

      12. The deustruction Israel is inflicting on Gaza is widespread and shows no signs of stopping short of the complete razing of the area. That's far beyond the nature of the Hamas' attack which Israel is responding to. Example articles:

      13. Israel has cut off basic necessities to Palestine in a 'seige' operation: food, water, electricity, and fuel were blockaded by Israel from entering any of the border crossings they control.

      14. Israel has also frustrated efforts to bring in donated international humanitarian aid even through the Egyptian border crossing.

      15. Prior to this seige, it was considered one of the most evil abuses of power in the world for anyone to block humanitarian aid from reaching people in need.

        Although suffering from the other blockaded necessities, hospitals (overcrowded refuges in this crisis) have been especially impacted by the fuel blockade forcing their electrical generators to fail (after giving much warning to the global community that this was coming), thereby putting a hard stop on so much heroic good work they were doing, and quickly killing those who medically depend on hospital machines (such as life support, inclubators, and dialysis machines).

        The Israeli military has reportedly attacked hospital solar panels to ensure that they can have no electrical power in any case. Article 6 Nov 2023: Israeli forces target solar panels at Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital

        The justification offered for these cutoffs is that Israel won't supply these things to their enemies. This is related to their failure to distinguish military from civilians in any practical way, ie. to attack their enemies they attack Gaza civilians equally, whom they include as their enemies when making military decisions.

        The bombings have crippled Gaza telecommunications and internet access also. At first this was thought might be an accidental consequence of the bombings, but the Israeli threats against the use of Starlink for Gaza communications indicates Israel's intent to deny Gaza communications.: 28 Oct, 2023 Israel threatens to destroy Musk's Starlink.

        There are concerns that the communications blackout could hide human rights abuses. If the People in Gaza are not able to report what's happening to the outside world, that could work to the advantage of war criminals. Article 28 Oct, 2023: Gaza’s communications blackout raises concerns of Israeli war crimes

        Another vital support taken away is accommmodation. Between a combination of being ordered to leave, fears of residences potentially being blown up, and many residences actually being blown up, many Gazans are sleeping outside.

        The cutoff of medical supplies could be considered a seventh vital support severed.

        It is extreme cruelty to a People and illegal to have even one vital supply off, nevermind SEVEN vital supports (water, food, elecricity, food, telecommunications, accommodation, and medical supplies) at the same time! It is illegal and medieval: of a style done in ancient times but not compatible with modern standards of compassion.

      16. In addition to the other threats imposed on them, a much-increased risk of disease is an indirect result of some of the other harms. Article 9 NOv, 2023: WHO warns of fast disease spread in Gaza amid water, food shortage

      17. Israel has beeen using poorly substatiated or non-substatiated claims of Hamas presence to unilaterally reclassify civilian structures as legitimate military targets

      18. It's reported that the true legality of it is that even if there is a miltary presence, they are supposed to not strike for the sake of the civilian presence.

      19. When Israel has offered evacuation orders, it's often been an obviously unsafe or practically impossible

      20. It's as if the Israeli military only gives these orders to satisfy some international legal requirement, rather than actually wanting civilians to be safe.

        1. Israel has reportedly bombed routes it previously promised were safe:

        2. Israel has Blocked all Border Crossings (exists) it Controls:Although Israel gives warnings to leave, Israel is also preventing Gazans from leaving Gaza through almost every border crossing or by sea, making a mockery of the evacuation orders. Article 14 October, 2023: Why can't people leave Gaza? Gaza Strip blockade explained amid Israel evacuation order.

        3. Gazans warned to evacuate and/or attacked by the IDF where they were previously told to go by the IDF for safety.After warning North Gazans to flee to the South, and destroying North Gaza, then the IDF warned them in the South to evacuate that. They have nowhere else to go, but because Israel 'warned' them, they can pretend the massacre was done compassionately, based on a warning principle which assumes that people being warned to leave can leave.

        4. Timeframes too short:November 4, 2023: Israel's military announces a brief window for people in northern Gaza to flee south . The Israeli military promised not to bomb the road from northern gaza south for three hours, while insisting this is not a ceasefire. However this timeframe is not reasonable, even if promise kept, because:

          1. Due to heavy bombing, many families have at least one family member which is immobilized. Or perhaps they want to bury a family member who has been killed.

          2. There has been a fuel blockade since 9 October 2023 and many people dying for lack of this alone especially hospital generators stopping. They can't be expected to drive.

          3. Many roads and vehicles have been bombed. They might not be in working order, and might have detours now.

          4. Crowding would slow down progress on the road.

          5. Even under ideal conditions for a an able-bodied person, it is not enough time to walk to even the next city south (central Gaza) nevermind south Gaza. In particular, Google Maps calculates the walking time between Gaza and Deir Al Balah as 3 hours 24 minutes. They would need to run.

          6. There is no safe place to go. There is no one waiting to receive them going South, but only already overcrowded areas, and a closed southern border. Even if they arrived safely, they would struggle for the essentials of life.

        5. Evacuation orders given to hospitals by the IDF have typically been practically impossible within the timeframe and with the supplies permitted to the civilians in the hospital by the IDF

        6. The Israeli military reportedly uses artificial intelligene (AI) to choose targets

        7. This would explain why the devastation in Gaza resembles a scene out of a Terminator movie. We can't expect a machine to hesitate to kill civilians or babies. Perhaps the machine war against humanity has begun, in its earliest stages (still under human supervision).

          Presumably in an inversion to and mockery of Christianity, the IDF has named this AI targetting system, which seems to be the underlying tool of indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, as the 'Gospel'.

          Actually Israel's AI targetting system was in use since 2021: article 27 May 2021: Israel's operation against Hamas was the world's first AI war

      21. Isrel's pretense that it won't supply fuel because it could be used by Hamas is ridiculous

      22. There has long been in place a chain of custody procedure for fuel supplies to Palestine for this reason: they were tightly tracked and signed for. It only needed to continue. No one has provided evidence that this fuel was used for Hamas.

      23. A remarkably similarly approach by the IDF was taken by the IDF in 2015: Article 04 May 2015:'Fire at every person': Israeli soldiers reveal they were ordered to shoot to kill in Gaza combat zones – even if targets may have been civilians. Benjamin Netanyahu was also Prime Minister at that time.

      24. Israeli doctors and clergy are on record condoning the bombing of hospitals(!)

      25. Israel has been attacking hospitals, schools, and regugee camps on the claims that Hamas is present, if justification is offered at all, without any real requirement to substantiate those claims, and without any sign of a limit to ratio of civilian to military casualties deemed acceptable.

      26. Notably, many Palestinians are sleeping in hospital grounds as a refuge, so even a near strike can be very deadly.


        Unlike Hamas' relatively crude rockets, Israel's weapons tend to have modern guidance systems, meaning that whatever they hit, is usually intentional.

        No specific justification is offered for attacking most civilian structures. For example, as of 10 Nov, although 18 out of 36 hospitals have been shut down by military blockade or damage, only 4 or 5 hospitals have been alleged by Israel to be used by Hamas. See from 9:15 of video: Critics reject Israeli claim al-Shifa Hospital used as Hamas command centre

        The allegations of Hamas presence at humanitarian centers is usually unsubstantiated or unverified

        It's a case of using a fake allegation to try to justify a real attack on a center of a humanitarian nature (hospitals, refugee camps, etc).

        Claims of Hamas presence are typically of a passive presence such as a hidden commander or hidden weapons cache. That's not the same as needing to defend yourself from being fired upon from those places: it's not self-defense if no one is attacking from there, even if they are present.

        Most of these claims are without offer of evidence of any kind: typically 'intelligence' which we are supposed to understand cannot be disclosed to the Public (example article: US will not share intel on Hamas and Al Shifa hospital -White House). Along with that thinking seems to be an assumption that, even if their 'intelligence' was wrong, they can't be held responsible for it: as though not their job. That would be like shooting an unarmed person and telling the police that you acted on 'intelligence' that they had a weapon and claiming that you can't be expected to disclose your 'intelligence' nor can you be held responsible if your 'intelligence' was wrong.

        There is no independent party verifying the evidence.

        When evidence is offered, it is given by the military without independent verification. For example:

        1. November 16, 2023: Debunked: Israel's evidence of Hamas HQ in Shifa Hospital

        2. Nov. 16, 2023: IDF Raid of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza Turns Up Scant Evidence of Hamas Presence

        3. Fake Al-Shifa Hospital Undrground Complex Illustration: Israel presented to the world a detailed illustration of a huge underground Hamas command center complex at the Al-Shifa hospital, to justify their attack there, as well as allegations of Hamas fuel storage, but after they raided it, they presented only a small cache of small arms found (and with little ammunition), no tunnels, and no fuel. Please compare:

        4. 16 Nov 2023: Middle East Roundup: Is Shifa Hospital really a Hamas ops hub?

      27. Show of deliveries of aid by Israel Military to Hospital are weak on believability

      28. According to the the following 15 Nov 2023 article, although Israeli troops showed themselves bringing in boxes labelled as 'baby food' and 'medical supplies' to Al-Shifa hospital, staff says they "only brought terror and death": ‘All men 16 years and above, raise your hands’: how al-Shifa raid unfolded. Furthermore there are allegations that what the troops are bringing in are things to present as evidence of Hamas presence. Regardless of that, it would have been more meaningful for the Israeli military, if they were sincere to aid patients in the embattled hospital, to show aid (such as water) actually being distributed into the hands of individual patients.

      29. Israel is reportedly arresting Gazans in hospital for treatment in Israel

      30. This is for overstaying their medical permits, despite the fact that they can't go back to Gaza because not only is it beyond dangerous there, and not only has the Israeli Military warned Gazans to evacuate north Gaza, but Israel has closed the border crossings.

      31. Israel has also been bombing Gaza Churches and Mosques and/or Shooting Civilians Inside

      32. It's important to remember that the attack on Gaza is not merely on Hamaz or only even on Muslim citizens, but literally everyone there, without regard to their age or creed. Christians of the Zionist type who unconditionally support Israel, no matter the cost of civilian life, should at least consider, in their twisted theology, if God wants churches bombed.

      33. Israel has demolishing most of the homes in Gaza whether there are people in them or not

      34. Obviously, a lack of shelter prevents Gazans living in Gaza, even if they survive the bombing, and is genocide.

        It is far more destruction than can reasonably be justified as collateral damage while trying to focus attacks on Hamas.

      35. The Israeli Army's policy in encountering people in Gaza seems to be to shoot first and ask questions later

      36. This might be supported by both the ease of claiming anyone a terrorist, and no apparent need to justify killing to Israeli authorities

      37. Despite claims that they know exactly where the Hamas fighters they want to strike are, the Israeli military has been using weapons which kill over a broad area.

      38. There is Evidence that Israel has been using Neutron Bombs!

      39. The purpose might be to kill behind walls and perhaps in tunnels, and/or destroy Gazans genetically.

        Regardless, it is a kind of nuclear weapon, meaning that this war has gone nuclear.

      40. Israel's been dropping hints about a plan for Israelis to outright replace Palestinians in Gaza

      41. On 11 January, 2024, a legal team from South Africa formally accused Israel of Genocide before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) seeking an immediate injuction for ceasefire, as well as a ruling on the charge of genocide. The understanding was that although a ruling on the charge of genocide could take years, the injunction could be granted within weeks.

      42. Other resources on Israel's genocide against Gazans:

    13. Ally nations of Israel have generally turning a blind eye to the cruelty of Israel in Gaza while finding it increasingly hard to do so as the cruelty gets worse

      • 3 Jan, 2024: Washington sees no sign of genocide in Gaza

      • when Russia attacked Ukraine's energy infrastructure, the EU righteously called that out as a war crime, but we've seen not criticism from the EU for Israel's indefinite blockade of vital supplies to Gaza

      In particular, after cornering civilians in south Gaza, there is great alarm in the world about Israel attacking civilians trying to survive there with nowhere left to flee to.

    14. Although Israel did release some detainees in exhange for people held by Hamas, Israel actually made it illegal for the loved ones of the released prisoners to celebrate.

    15. That's completely inhuman, because it's completely natural to be happy about return of your loved ones, or any human, and within the right of any deal to be happy about what your side receives out of the deal. Nevertheless, police were told to enforce the edict with an 'iron fist'. It's reported that they went so far to suppress joy that they actually shot someone for celebrating and seem to be in adamant defense of that shooting.

    16. Israel is reportedly using bunker-bustering bombs without regard for the Israeli hostages likely held in the underground structures they're trying to destroy

    17. The Israeli military killing the Israeli hostages prevents those hostages from being returned, and indirectly prevents a ceasefire, because it's been a consistent demand that Israeli hostages must be returned before any kind of ceasefire is considered by Israel.

      In practice, the Israeli government don't seem too eager to get hostages back when they are offered, at least not if it means a ceasefire: Netanyahu rejected ceasefire-for-hostages deal in Gaza, sources say

      This is also consistent with the so-called Hannibal Directive/Doctrine/Procedure/Protocol of the Israeli government, which is a policy to open fire without limits, even to kill hostages, to prevent an abduction. Although it is not officially in place any longer, what the official policy is which replaced it is secret. It's worth nothing that the letter and public (official) interpetation of the policy is kinder than the severe way testimonies report the policy was implemented in practice.

      The Hannibal Directive (or whatever the policy is now) might have played some role in how the IDF handled their response to the 7 October 2023 Hamas attacks: The Hannibal Doctrine: Unveiling Israel’s Alleged Strategy of Killing Its Own Citizens

    18. Israel accuses the Red Cross for failing to visit hostages despite Israel's refusal to stop bombing the area

    19. 2 Nov, 2023: Israel issues ultimatum to Red Cross

    20. Israel demanded the head of the UN resign

    21. 24 Oct, 2023: Israel calls on UN chief to resign

    22. Not All Israelis Support the Genocide

    23. It's a worthwhile reminder that free individuals make their own decisions.

      October 29, 2023: Israel Frey an Israeli journalist is hiding from Israeli extremists - Hero

  11. It's a strange theology held by some Christians in Unconditional Support of Israel for Religious Reasons

  12. Not only are all humans precious, but some Palestinians are Christians.

    Moreover, although the Old Testament of the Bible does support Israel, that was before Christendom, and the Bible doesn't support Jews over Christians.

    Support must have moral conditions to come to a good end. Even God often warned Israel that He would withdraw support if they turned evil. In theology, there is no such thing as unconditional support.

  13. A war might be seen as a benefit to the Israeli Government in the following ways:

    1. Distracting public attention away from the corruption trial of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (deliberately or not).

    2. Potentially leading to the destruction of the Al-Aqsa mosque which currently obstructs the construction of the Jewish Third Temple in the same place on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It's one of the holiest sites in Islam, but maybe if there's a war, they won't respect that. Articles:

    3. Potentially escalating to a strike on Iran and an end their nuclear weapons program. The Israel-Gaza conflict has leapt into US-Iran tension very quickly: maybe too quickly for it to be natural. Articles:

    4. Supposed fulfillment of Religious Prophecy which fulfillment might lend religious legitimacy to the State of Israel.

    5. Land: Clearing Palestinians from Israel to have the 'promised land' only for Jews.

    6. Confiscating Gaza's natural gas reserves. Article 4 November, 2023: Video: “Wiping Gaza Off The Map”: Big Money Agenda. Confiscating Palestine’s Maritime Natural Gas Reserves. By this theory, claiming Gaza is only the beginning, Lebannon and northern Syria next, to confiscate those maritime reserves also. Is it a surprise that a war in the Middle East might have something to do with hydrocarbon reserves?

    7. Clearing the way for Israel to build a new canal for sea traffic

    8. This has both economic and military use, especially since the Suez canal is only 1 lane, ie. cannot accomodate 2-way traffic simultaneously. Nov 7, 2023: Brighteon Broadcast News, Nov 7, 2023 - Gaza being exterminated to make way for lucrative Ben Gurion CANAL that will cut across Israel to the Red Sea

  14. The Western military is already drained from supporting Ukraine

  15. 10 Oct, 2023: EU facing ‘huge shortage’ of ammunition – media

  16. Warnings about escalation of the war internationally tend to be ignored as nothing new

  17. That's how commonplace it has become for world leaders to warn of World War 3.

  18. There are leaks of an Israeli plan for most Gazans to be evicted from Gaza and received as refugees by other nations

  19. There's been an inhumane refusal by Israel for any kind of ceasefire, and deflection of criticism for civilian treatment, with some allies in support

  20. Refusing a ceasefire is not consistent with a defensive operation, proving that the invasion of Gaza is not merely about Israel defending itself. Manay other actions, such as hospital raids, also go well beyond any legal concept of self-defense.

  21. The USA has involved itself to prevent peace in Gaza which would happen otherwise.

  22. Most dramatically, the USA Federal Government has used its VETO power to block the UN Security Council from passing resolutions for a Gaza Ceasefire: on three (as of this writing) different occasions.

  23. The USA has been supplying Israel with plenty of weapons to support their attacks on Palestine

  24. There are reports that the USA already has soldiers fighting in Gaza despite not publicly revealing it

  25. The USA Federal Government supports Israel so strongly that it seems to actually be their first priority

  26. Western news Media is accused of bias against Palestinians and their plight

  27. Other nations and international bodies have been too slow and too weak to intervene to defend Gazans in the time needed to really save their lives

  28. The blockade of food, water, fuel, and electricity has been on since 9 October. As of this writing (16 November) its' still on. That's 38 days: much more than enough time for people to perish of dehydration alone, not to mention things like: hospital machine disruption, starvation, disease from sewage in the streets, and many other related harms. Article 7 Nov 2023: More than a month without water, food, healthcare in Gaza amid Israel war

    The international community has failed to help innocents in crisis in a timeframe fitting for the kind of danger they are facing, and that's a terrible thing to see. It's almost as if the diplomats don't understand the urgency.

    Similarly, the International Court of Justice, in responding to the complaint of Genocide brought against Israel by South Africa, could have easily demanded a ceasefire, but didn't, and their ruling was worded weakly enough to not clearly mean much change on the ground in Gaza, and professional judges should have known that. Article 29 Jan 2024: Gaza Versus The Hague: The ICJ Failed Again – A Case of “Political Correctness”?

    The international response to stop the killing has been so weak as to effectively that Israel seems to effectively have impunity to carry out whatever military actions in Gaza it wants for as long as it wants.

  29. There is one Arab nation in ideal physical position to receive refugees, but they are reluctant to do so

  30. Egypt. They are the only nation besides Israel which shares a border with Gaza, and so when Israel closed all of their border crossings with Gaza, Egypt controls the only physically possible excape for Palestinians. They could let all of the Palestinians out, and get international help to pay for their support. They don't want to. Rather they have reinforced their soldiers at the border crossing. Articles:

    Egypt's reluctance to welcome Palestinians is reportedly based on a fear of mass exodus from Palestine. How is that a bad thing? This fear of the existence of other people is a 'Culture of Death' mentality, where people are seen as a burden, parasites, and a threat to life, instead of as precious.

    To not offer people under threat of clear and imminent extermination an escape you could easily give them, but rather bothering yourself to actively block their escape, is selfishness to a point which would be illegal in other contexts. For example, if you are a ship at sea and you encounter persons in distress at sea, you are legally obligated to render aid under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Preventing the escape of innocent people facing extermination is also the complete opposite attitude of Oscar Schindler in the movie Schindler's List (1993), who was depicted in tears for his failure to see how he could have saved an additional person (see video: Schindler's List - One More Person) by using his car or gold pin (his last remaining possessions): crying because of the preciousness of each person was more than any object. There are presumably lots of people who cried over that part of the movie who don't care about Palestinians being exterminated right now, because it was fashionable to watch Schindler's List but it is not fashionalbe to care about Palestinians.

    There is a rumour that the People of Egypt are willing to accept the Palestinians, recognizing their need, but it's the Government that won't allow it. If true, it's just one more example of a People's will being hijecked by centralized rule.

  31. Many Ostensibly Democratic Governments in Support of Israel are Suppressing Pro-Palestine and Anti-War Protest

  32. It doesn't seem to take much these days to for the thin pretense of democracy to be wiped away.

    As if not to be outdone in the oppression of civil liberties, and under the guise of making police work easier, Israel is (as of this writing) working to legalize simply shooting protesters: even their own citizens. Article 27 Oct, 2023: Israel to pass law allowing state to kill its own citizens – media

    The West, especially the USA, is repeating the same basic mistake made with Ukraine.

    Sending weapons and no peace negotiators into someone else's war only stokes that war to the harm of the People's involved.

    Not everyone is willing to go along with this immorality.

  33. Israeli officials have made remarks which suggest that Israel has nuclear weapons and willing to use them ... even on almost defenseless Gazans

  34. The most pertinent consequence is that any fighting with Israel has the potential to go nuclear.

  35. The reason Israel has nuclear weapons may go well beyond defense

  36. It might be more like mutually assured destruction. Please see the last few paragraphs of The Gaza Genocide Continues

  37. Israel is making an announcment of intent to retain control of Gaza after the war

  38. Predicting the post-war environment after only 1 month into the war indicates pre-planning, and is suspicious for pre-war planning. Article November 7, 2023: A month into war, Netanyahu says Israel will have an 'overall security' role in Gaza indefinitely

  39. We have a suspicion that the casualties, especially on the Palestinian side, are much higher than reported

  40. Maybe they need to find every body before they count a death officially; we are not sure of the method used. If they do need to find a body, although Israel presumably has had time to look under their rubble, Palestine hasn't, because they are still (as of this writing) under heavy bombardment.

    It just seems that with a population of 2.3 million people in Gaza at the start of this conflict, and the high number of residences destroyed there (183,000 as of this writing, as per Al Jazeera's live tracker), that the number of people killed in Palestine might be at least in the tens of thousands (rather than the 'at least 8005' stated as of this writing on the tracker). Still, as if to confirm our suspicion, both the Israeli and Palestinian casualties are shown with the caveat 'at least'.

  41. Some ostensibly enlightened people are advising not to choose a side.

  42. YOU ARE BEING PLAYED! Israel - Hamas war is NOT what you think

    However it is our opinion that when genocide is clear, especially when millions of civilian lives are at stake, we have a moral obligation to involve ourselves on the side of life.

  43. There isn't much emphasis of, and perhaps even concealment of, the harm to Israeli soldiers: not even by Israel

  44. Israel doesn't seem to mind the long-term consequences of its prolonged brutal tactics

  45. 11 Dec, 2023: Israel cannot win – Jordan


Israel's insistence on continuing the genocide despite all calls for ceasefire has been increasingly provoking other nations, especialy Arab nations, to get involved to physically stop it, words having failed:

  1. Lebanon's Hezbolllah

  2. Syria

  3. Yemen's Houthi Rebels

  4. Turkey

  5. Iran

  6. They started out the war making veiled threats, then said they won't enter the war, and more recently seem to be creeping in toawrds it:

    Despite Iran's apparent choice to stay out, they could yet be dragged in, because they are being dragged into this war by way of Western narrative, as well as portrayed as a threat generally, as if a war with Iran is the plan:

In case there was any doubt, Israel has made clear that they are ready to take them all on:

Another Perspective:

Another way of looking at this situation is the vast majority of people involved being driven through Hell by a very few people steering the car. In particular, it seems that:

  1. Only Hamas leadership decided the 7 October 2023 attack on Israel. Certainly not the vast majority of Palestinians, and even within Hamas, presumably it was just a few leaders who made the decision together. Maybe it was even just one person who decided and gave the order.

  2. Only Israeli leadership decided to respond in cruently, namely by: declaring war and seige on Gaza, blockading their vital supports, treating civilians and miliary almost equally as targets (only a bit more warning for civilians), and resisting all calls for ceasefire. Again, maybe it was decided just by president Netanyahu.

  3. Everyone else in the region is merely a passenger, and most of them are suffering horribly for the cruel decisions of these leaders (if they haven't died already).

  4. The other nations' support or opposition is decided by their leaders unilaterally and their People are taken along for the ride.

Where this might be headed

We have a theory:

  1. Maybe Israel gets nuked. This might be the meaning of the Bible verse Revelation 17:16, if the whore is Jerusalem.

  2. And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
    (Holy Bible KJV Revelation 17:16)
  3. This conflict might be a long-planned event to discredit the Abrahamic religions in an attempt to lead the world to trust in Lucifer instead. There is an alleged to be a secret plan of Elites to start Workd War 3 as a conflict between Zionists (not just Jews) and Muslims: Albert Pike Letter to Mazzini - Internet Archive.

    Already much of the world is shocked by zionist Christians supporting Israel in genocide, to the great dishonour of even the innocent forms of Christianity by association.

    If Israel and/or the Middle East are destroyed in nuclear war, many peoples who considered this land protected by God, ie. many of those of Abrahamic religions, might become disillusioned with their faith, turn from God, and welcome something else.

A Great War could also be used for things like: depopulation (a commoon goal of Elites), an excuse for the already unavoidable financial collapse of the USA (which is actually due to mismanagement and a debt-based fiat money system, not war), and making most people so desperate for necessities of life that many of us might be willing to embrace any new system, even a tyrannical one, just to survive. We know there is a 'Great Reset' planned for society; maybe they feel something is needed to nudge us to accept it.


  1. Neither the Gaza Government (Hamas) nor the Israeli Government shown any concern for civilian life but rather show their willigness to sacrifice any number of civilians, even their own People, to achieve political objectives through war.

  2. It is an atrocity for the world to tolerate the daily seige and slaughter of Gaza civilians without direct action to stop it. Yet the world takes direct action, such as sanctions, for so many less important issues.

  3. This could indeed escalate geographically through other nations, because many are already on either side: presumably there is some level of escalation where they will get involved.

  4. There is a real risk of escalation of intensity to nuclear war, even without geographic escalation, due to Israel widely being throught to have nuclear weapons.

  5. The aftermath could be used to deliberately remodel society in some way not necessarily fair to all: maybe seizure of Gaza by Israel; maybe even a One Word Government.

Things we can Learn from this Situation:

  1. Whatever the compassionate lessons humanity was supposed to learn from World War II, they weren't learned. Astonishingly, open genocide perpetrated on classifying another ethnic group as 'animals' is happening again, and many people refuse to even admit it's wrong.

  2. The world order is breaking down into a place where the military can attack whoever it wants, however it wants, so long as a label of 'self-defense' is applied to it. It's not the best environment for nuclear weapons.

  3. It's worth being involved in politics because if your Government (eg. Hamas) decides to do something completely immoral (eg. attack another nation including their civilians) then you could have your house, your family, and yourself blown up in short order (as Gazan civilians are suffering now, being classified as animals and their residences ostensibly legitimate military targets).

  4. When you elect someone to lead your nation, their morality is the first criteria you should choose on. When there is a treat of war, you need your leader to make decisions quickly, to save your life, and you're depending on a strong internal sense of morality for them to make the right decisions. This is one of the reasons why it is so dangerous to elect anyone to national leadership who doesn't have enough morality to see that killing pre-born children is wrong, for exmaple.Related article 29 October, 2023: Dreadful Things Keep Happening, Because Dreadful People Are in Charge of the World – Neil Oliver

What we can do:

  1. If we choose a side, at least do it with aim to protect civilians on both sides. Civilians rarely have any realistic input into what their military does, which is why they're treated as innocents in civilized rules of war.

  2. Test the truth before you jump into the issue. You don't want to be duped into coming in on the wrong side.

  3. Don't allow yourself to be motivated by hate. Use of force should be for eliminating threat not venting hate. If you find hate motivating you in this issue, it's time to recalibrate yourself with compassion.

  4. Go back to as the basic solution.

  5. Pray. Prayer is a major and sometimes the only way that civilians can impact war.

  6. Write your elected representatives to encourage peace. Even if you don't change their mind by doing this, you at least put yourself provably on the right side of history.


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