Blindness is the Answer

Last Update: 8 November, 2023

What this Issue is:

This issue is about designating different rights, value, and freedom for others based on their human race.

Why this is done:

It is done as an attempt to gain a personal or political advantage over others in an evil way.

Parts of the Problem:

  1. Missing the Point

  2. Racism is treated in our society as a standalone issue, but it is not. It is a small part of the broader problem of discrimination. Racism is only race-based discrimination, and although it is rightly hated many other kinds of dicrimination are not only accepted and common but actuallypromoted in our society. When you tell someone to listen to an expert, for example, the implication is that their words are worth more than yours, regardless of what is said, because they are attributed a higher value than you, even though you are both human. When you regularly wait an hour to see your physisican past your appointment time, it is because your physician's time is deemed to be of higher alue than yours. Similarly if a celebrity or a homeless person are walking on the sidewalk, one tends to be made extremely welcome while the other extremely unwelcome, without them doing anything, because our society attributes different values to them, in advance, even though they are both human. Even when speakers are introduced on a topic, they normally list all of their credentials first, even when what they have to stay should stand on its own merit, because they know that the Public won't usually put value on their words or accept their evidence until they are first given reasons to put superior value on them as successful people to listen to.

    Racism being only a small part of discrimination, focusing on one without recognizing the other one isn't likely to lead to a full solution.

  3. Racism Against Minorities is a True Threat:

    Unfortunately established communities tend to see others outside of that group or community as a threat or inferior for the slightest reason.

    Perhaps worse, once you believe someone is a threat or inferior, you tend to treat them that way, without even realizing it as wrong. That's why racism needs special effort to expose.

  4. Racism begets Racism on Both Sides:

    Racists tend to teach others to be racist also, because they honestly believe what it's based on.

    Fortunately, majority-lead racism has been challenged in recent decades and rightly so, to the point that anyone still participating in it should understand that it is wrong (the same as smokers today should know that smoking is unhealthy).

    Victims of racism, surprisingly, also tend towards racism as a defensive mechanism, because they can't ignore conflict lines being drawn on the basis of race, and view the world in that way to some degree. In other words, if you are a victim of racism, to some degree, as a defense, you will need to be mindful of the race of people you meet and decide how to act around them, especially deciding if they are a threat to you or not.

    Unfortunately racism by minorities against the majority, also called 'reverse racism', is NOT yet seen as wrong in the Public mind, but rather has been justified, and actions and laws based on it justified as a defense. But it's still a form of racism and will never lead to racial equality. Examples:

  5. Seeing everything as racism

  6. People who have built their careers and/or following based on racism tend to keep the focus on racism wherever they can, and it's not good for truth or society.

  7. Distracting from Nationalism

    Focusing on the benefit of your own race only distracts from focusing on the advancement of the nation. Democratic civilization progress depends on voters looking out for the long-term good of the entire nation.

  8. Distracting from Greater Evils

    Racism has been so over-emphasized in our society as the greatest of all evils that focus on it actually permits even greater evils without objection. For example, if the Government were to say that Jewish people must be given an experimental vaccine to protect other people from being infected by them, there would be a justified uproar about how wrong that is on so many levels. If, however, the Government were to say that everyone must be given an experimental vaccine to protect other people from being infected by them, such things have been tolerated since they are not racist. To harm everyone including every minority is logically much greater a harm than doing it only to any one minority, yet our overfocus on racism as the greatest of all evils prevents us from seeing that. Examples:

    1. The Death of George Floyd: He didn't deserve to die, and it does appear to be negligence to provide prompt medical care causing death, during excessive use of restraining force by police. Definitely once someone is handcuffed you only need to put them in the police cruiser: you don't need them on the ground in the dirt and then kneeling on their neck. Unfortuantely this cruelty isn't racist, because racism is discrimination, and this abuse is/was a feature of modern police arrest. But because it was called racist, focus was taken off the fact that police are using excessive force and humiliation in arresting many people generally, including taking them to the ground or even tasering when not needed, and it has killed other people. This has not been stopped becaue the public uproar was too narrow: to focus only on one person, one family, or one race, instead of protecting everyone from excessive use of force by police in making arrests.

      Should police be expected to meter out just the right amount of force? Yes that's the job entirely: enforcing (not writing) the laws through minimum use of force. They've given many force options and advantages at their disposal, and usually wear armour while on duty. The trust and training is that they will only use the minimum force required to enforce the law at all times. If they use too much force that's a central fail of the job.

  9. Difficulty to Defend against Accusations of Racism

    Allegations of racism can be used as a social weapon, to cancel someone out of their job and society. If anyone is accused of racism it is virtually impossible to defend against, there is usually no trial, and, guilty or not, there is usually no limit to the punishments they are deemed to deserve: even more than mass murderers for example. The only immunity is if the mainstream news will stop publishing the story.

  10. Immunity for Victims of Racism

  11. Public support is so great for anyone deemd a victim of racism that it tends to cover any guilt they have in the related incident in the Public mind. For example:

Public Perception about this Issue:

The Public has come to see racism as the paramount evil, while not taking literally any other moral issue as seriously: not even global nuclear war for example (we know because we find in practice it's extremely easy to get people interested in race issues, as though they're always half-cocked on this issue, but extremely difficult to interest them in the slightest to object to looming nuclear war).

Who is doing this:

Promotion of examples of racism as unacceptable have been heavily promoted by Government and mainstream media, and some other groups devoted to fighting racism.

Why they are doing this:

The Government incentive to promot racism as the most important moral issue in the universe is becaues it divides the Public, making it difficult for people of different races to cooperate on anything, and therefore more difficult for them to cooperate to oppose Government initiatives against Public rights and freedoms.

The Wrong Solution:

The wrong solution to the problem of racism is to focus on it exclusively as a paramount issue, demanding more rights for your race. This strategy seems great but actually it has the following faults:

  1. It forces everyone to see race in order to weigh your arguments and implement your proposals, which keeps racism going. Once people are forced to see race, that forces racism. The absence of racism is not caring at all what race someone is.

  2. It leads to disinterest in protecting your race from threats against everyone, even though 'everyone' includes your race. This is a fatal weakness in the approach. For example, whereas no race would have accepted if COVID-19 restrictions were levied just on their race, they accepted them without complaint, despite having power to resist, when they were levied on everyone, even though that's a worse infringement of human rights than just done on any one race. When you're focused on fighting racism, by definition you don't care about threats which affect everyone, even if those threats are worse.

  3. Politicians who promise to fight racism might make sense to support, but actually it's foolish to support them, because they are divisive leaders, forcing the society to see race, and they have no incentive to end racism when they've based their political career on it. It's like how charities which collect money to 'cure cancer' and other diseases have no incentive to see it actually cured, because they would all lose their jobs.

  4. The issue of racism tends to focus too much on individuals being racist with other individuals, and away from government and corporate operations targetting minorities for genocide. This is similar to the issue of murder, where it is typically despised for an individual to kill another individual without strictly just cause, but Government and especially military are accepted to kill large groups of people, including initiating wars, without any legal consequence (although there sometimes is if they lose because they lost). For example, many medical tests and vaccines are targetted for Africa specifically. Example video: THE DEATH CULT: Hidden In PLAIN Sight ‼️DISCERN ‼️DISCERN ‼️Listen & Learn

    As another example, it is said that the AIDS epidemic in Africa is related to the fact that a different (more lax) AIDS test was used in Africa, not that Africans are so different from the rest of humanity.

An Uncomfortable Truth:

The truth is that the underlying problem with racism is prejudice and this injustice is much better attacked directly than as racism, because it manifests in too many different forms. Howevermuch you may make it illegal to prejudice someone based on their race, or even their religion, still many other ways to prejudice someone remain legal and widely practiced, such as treating people differently based on: their weight, their clothing, their education, their wealth, their positivity, their beauty, their power, their fame, their ability to resist you, or their use to you.

What the Best Solution Is:

The only true solution to racism is to stop seeing race: to not care what race other people are. That's how Brazil did it and remains successful with this issue.

Beware people who encourage you to see race, whichever side of the issue they are on. If they are promoting any kind of distinction of race, they are promoting racism.

What We Can Do About It:

Stop supporting both majority and minority racism. Humans are created equal. Two wrongs do not make a right.

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