Truth-Leading Questions:
A Quick Way to Encourage the Discovery of Truth

Last Update: 11 July, 2022

Truth-Leading Questions divided by topic:

which we leave to the reader to find their own answers:

  1. COVID-19:

    • Where did the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) virus originate?

    • If we needed to stay away from small stores, to stop the spread of the virus, why were large stores allowed to remain open?

    • Why were we told not to visit our own family, but it was OK to fly anywhere?

    • Why were we allowed to take our masks off, in airplanes and restaurants, if we were eating? Does the virus not spread while eating?

    • Is it possible that a virus test can have false positives?

    • Is there anything the Government shouldn't be allowed to order you to do?

    • If we give up our human rights, when do we get them back?

    • If the vaccine worked, and since most people are vaccinated, why does the pandemic continue?

    • If the vaccine is the only hope, and it worked, when does the pandemic end?

    • Why are those officials who promoted vaccination as the end of the pandemic still so satisfied with it?

    • Since vaccinated people can also be infected, why was proof of vaccination, rather than some kind of proof of health, required for access to social venues?

    • If the vaccines are completely safe, why are the vaccine manufacturers awarded legal immunity from lawsuits of vaccine harm? Why give them a strange exemption of manufacturing responsibility which they don't need?

    • If the manufacturer won't take responsibility for the safety of their product, is that a risk you should take?

    • If the vaccines are completely safe, why does the Government post numbers of people who died or were seriously injured after vaccination?

    • If someone dies or is harmed following a vaccination, how does our society check for a possible link to the vaccine?

    • If someone dies or is harmed following a vaccination, how can they or their family prove the link to the vaccine?

    • How many people need to die or be harmed for something to no longer be promoted as 'safe'?

    • Is it moral to mandate someone to take a treatment which could kill or seriously harm them?

    • If a patented genetic code is accepted into your body, who legally owns your body?

    • What threats are big enough that we should cancel our human rights as a strategy to theoretically be more safe?

    • How important is safety relative to freedom?

    • At what point, in duration or severity, of a crisis in a democracy, should Government ask voters, by referendum, how we want the situation handled?

    • When politicians do things to our society which do more harm than good, and without direct voter referendum, at what point are they responsible for misconduct?

    • If Government can unilaterally declare and emergency and take up dictatorial powers, and renew them indefinitely, is that a democracy?

    • If a group of people have no intent to harm and are infected with nothing, do we have the right to suspend their human rights for not trusting or choosing the same medical treatments we do?

    • How does a 1 meter distance between people protect them from a virus which the World Health Organization says can be spread either by droplets or by aerosol (airborne)?

    • If medical officials have exclusive power to declare pandemics, and to provide Government with a moral mandate on how to respond, should voters have the right to elect our medical officials? Is it possible that different medical experts can have different opinions as to how to model and respond to a pandemic?

    • If medical experts change their advice to the same pandemic, claiming continual surprise at the results of the last measure, at what point are they not fit for their job?

  2. (Elective) Abortion

    • If there is no child in a pregnant woman's body, then what does it mean to be pregnant?

    • Is elective abortion natural or unnatural?

    • What are the medical risks of an abortion procedure?

    • What are the emotional risks of an abortion procedure?

    • Is it moral to abort a pregnancy because you wanted a child of a different gender?

    • At what point of development does a child have a soul?

    • At what point of development does a child deserve human rights and legal protections?

    • At what point of development should a child be loved?

    • Can an abortion be reversed?

    • How is chemical abortion, alone at home, safer than having the baby?

    • Can easier abortion access increase abortion coercion for women?

    • What responsiblity attached to a choice to have sex?

    • What responsibility is attached to a choice to have an abortion?

    • Who is responsible for the child's blood shed in an abortion?

    • Is it moral to punish a child for being a product of rape?

    • If by some fluke the child survives the abortion, but is deformed as a result, how will you explain it to them (later)?

  3. C.E.R.N.

    • Do our scientists have enough experience with black holes to say that creating them is 'perfectly safe'?

    • If they succeed to open a doorway to another dimension, what can come through it?

    • At what point is tampering with the fabric of our common reality a danger?

    • Why is there a prominent statue of Shiva the Destroyer, with a plaque linking it to particle research, outside the main building of this supposedly purely scientific organization?

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