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Last Update: 2 November, 2023

About your Choices

Your life is a precious thing, but it is also something for you to decide, and worthy for you to question the most fundamental choices in your life.

Assuming you are a reasonable person, your thoughts, words, and actions are primarily based on your beliefs, which are based on your choice of religion. For most people, their religion dominates the direction of their life.

This website doesn't exist to challenge anyone's religion (any disrespect of any Creator-respecting religion on this website is unintentional and will be corrected if and when any such error is noticed). This website doesn't exist to challenge why you chose that religion. This website exists to address a choice even deeper than your choice of religion.

About your Life Purpose

What have you chosen as the fundamental purpose of your life? Your life is a gift, and you get to choose how to use it. This is the most fundamental issue of existence, and a choice you would do well to make wisely.

Here are the main options for your choice of what your life is to be about, which is to say, pursuant of:

  1. Option 1: The Pure Pursuit of Self-Pleasure: This attitude is strongly encouraged by businesses which dominate our culture, enticing us to not only pursue pleasure but see their product or service as the fulfillment of that pleasure and therefore our life purpose. We are not encouraged to abstain, such as to fast for example, but to indulge, which by design is at their profit.

    Admittedly there is some benefit in the pursuit of pleasure, so it is not insane, but only unwise. It is unwise because satisfaction of one's own pleasure is a fleeting thing of no permanent value. No matter how pleasant your food, you become hungry again soon afterwards, and then it matters nothing how satisfying your last meal was. No matter even if you find love, when next you are apart your soul becomes lonely and it doesn't ease that pain that you were loved once before. Ultimately, when we die, it actually won't feel much different whether we had an entire lifetime of pleasure or pain, or even how long we lived.

    Is it the greatest wisdom to devote your life to the pursuit of fleeting satisfactions?

    There's something else which makes this option even worse than merely one of fleeting benefits. There is no difference between the pursuit of pleasure and evil, ie. this path is actually a path of evil. This is the dark side, and it's shocking to realize that most commerials and other pleasure enticements are typically a lure towards the dark side. A person can artificially insert a moral code or boundary, that pleasures will not be pursued at certain unfair costs to others, but morality ultimately isn't compatible with the pure pursuit of pleasure.

    Pleasure being a transient thing, but evil deeds being an eternal thing, the result of a life pursuing self-pleasure is very dangerous to produce a negative eternal result, ie. moral culpability, for your life. Assuming any kind of justice in this life or the next, it could easily result in as much or more pain in eternity than you ever received in pleasure.

    Alas, such warnings have not always been heeded by those on this path.

    Regardless and admittedly, those who pursue pleasure as their primary life purpose cannot be expected to understand or have use for this website.

  2. Option 2: A Peaceful Pursuit of Self-Pleasure: This is the pursuit of pleasure in a manner which limits itself to fair treatment of others.

    This seems to be the path most people are on.

    Unfortunately what is 'fair' can also be cruel, and there is no incentive to question cruelties which seem permitted towards their forbiddance: that would only restrict your life the more and so such restrictions tend to be resisted. In fact, religions have an incentive to either permit and/or ignore many cruelties and deceptions in society, because this group of people has an incentive, to best serve their life purpose, to subscribe to religion which permits the most pleasure-seeking and the most ignorance of world problems while pursuing their own pleasure within a supposedly moral framework they can feel self-justified about. This is why, for example, the average person refuses to hear about animal rights issues: usually their belief-system doesn't limit animal abuse, and them adding this restriction to their own life seems a completely unnecessary limitation to them.

    This life purpose is mediocre, seeking maximum self-pleasure within whatever belief system they can find to make it seem morally justified.

  3. Option 3: Loyalty. Many people seem to be brought up to belief that loyalty is the highest of all virtues and the first life priority. They believe they should always defend, and never question, the family, community, political party, business, religion, and political party they are born into, for example. They believe that the only threat is an external threat, and this includes any kind of critical questioning of the moral or factual right or wrong of whatever they are loyal to.

    The groups these people are loyal to have an incentive to encourage this kind of defensive loyalty, and they usually do. It also puts peacefulness as a strictly secondary priority.

    Unfortunately loyalty to existing fixed understanding works against any proposals to improve that understanding.

    Not to be underestimated as some minor danger, the attitude that it's more important to defend one's community from question rather than protect, for example, human rights, has been responsible for some of the most horrific errors of humanity, such as crucifying Jesus Christ for Publicly challenging the religious culture (which they ultimaetly construed as 'blasphemy', and ingored is extreme helpfulness to the society), as well as the lethal persecution of many different religions and those of differing beliefs within the same type of religion over human history. This life path is so dangerous that it caused the most presumably moral institutions in human socity to themselves perform the most horrific acts in human history.

    No matter how encouraged by existing institutions, loyalty is a trap more than a virtue. We should be loyal to the highest truth we can find before any other loyalty.

    Clinging to loyalty as the paramount priority has been crippling human development in truth. People on this path would literally rather continue to subscribe to a clear lie promoted by their commuity than a clear truth outside of their community, loyalty to their community being their foremost priority. It is for this loyalty, for example, that at least 15% of the world's population subscribe to a religion which still teaches that the Earth sits on the back of four elephants who stand on the back of a giant turle: the fact that this teaching on this foundational topic is obviously wrong is not considered a reason for related religious leaders to revise the teaching, or for its followers to leave the religion, because loyalty to the teachings is considered the only priority. As another example, for many people who cling to the Government as the paramount source of truth, either no amount of evidence will convince them that they have been lied to by that Government, or they admit the lies but maintain that the Government needs to lie for the Public good and therefore no amount of lies is reason to stop following the Government.

    Those who live for loyalty might be loved and rewearded by their community, but their eternal reward might be very different, and certainly they won't understand any use for this website.

  4. Option 4: Self-Improvement. These people believe life is about the chance to improve yourself in the time you have. They're all about learning, training, and otherwise bettering themselves.

    This path is more wise than most in that self-improvement is long-lasting and possibly eternal. For example, it is said that education is something that no one can take from you.

    Unfortunately self-improvement doesn't make you any use to anyone else, society, or your Creator, so there is still something incomplete with this path.

  5. Option 5: Contribution (aka Others' Improvement). Followers of this path try to do the most good they can in the time they have. In this way, they are as useful as possible to their Creator and the Public good, whether or not this is immediately reocgnized.

    The basic belief behind this path is that since, no matter how successful we are, we cannot stop relying on supports from others and our Creator, such as sunlight and gravity, we at least need to give something back for what we consume and the trouble to support us, and the more we give (contribute) back the better.

    The basic method of this path is to try to do as much good as you can in the time and with the talents, resources, and opportunities you have. In other words, this approach sees life as a race, but not as a race for money or pleasure, but a race for contribution.

    This is the most secure path for eternal peace, usefulness, welcome, and reward. No matter where you go, in this life or the next, it must be recognized that those who do good do not deserve to be treated cruelly.

    Being a contributor is also in itself a kind of self-improvement and so serves that goal also.

    Unfortunaely, the path of doing good has been confused with perversions of the truth of each each issue so severely that the wrong intervention seems like the right one, as well as hiding some of these topics entirely from the Public consciousness. Mainstream (government-supported) news sources, in particular, have been quite consistent to hide many wrongs in our society, portray everything the Government does as good, and portray literally the only threat to society as being those who do not follow Government directives. Due to this kind of misinformation, it can take years to identify not only the truth on important issues worth of intervention, but the issues themselves.

    This website is designed to help those who want to contribute good to most quickly identify the wrongs in the world, no matter how hidden or socially accepted, and with enough truth to correctly identify the side worth supporting.

The Good News:

Actually your life already has a purpose assigned by your Creator, seemingly known by your spirit on some level if not your conscious mind, and you have at least one talent to match. You only need to seek it out inside you, to realize what it is, and then work on accomplishing it in the outer world in the time you're here.

Everyone has at least one talent and at least one purpose from the Creator. No one is useless or untaltented.

Here are some suggestions to identify your life purpose if you're having trouble:

  1. What topics you naturally interested in? Your purpose may be along this path.

  2. What would you be doing with your life you didn't have to work for money to pay bills? Put another way, what did you want to do with your lfie before someone told you that you need to do something else to pay bills which our society will give you?

  3. What do you do easier than other people? You may not notice that what is easy for you is not easy for others. The difference is a talent.

  4. Don't expect it to be directly in a book from your high school Guidance Counsellor. The professions our society employs are roles they have opened to keep their system running. It's probably not your goal entirely to be one of them, although you do need to develop your talents and choosing the right profession will help you get to your true goals. For example, you may be interested in medicine, but your purpose is not to be a family doctor but to find a cure for cancer. Society has jobs to look for a cure for cancer but not to actually find one; curing cancer works against the existing profits of many. You may need to become a physician, but then chart your own course from there at some point.

  5. Don't assume you have plenty of time. Death can come at any time.

Examples of Other People Describing their Life Purpose from God

We hope you will chose your life purpose wisely in light of these considerations, and use this website as intended to help you accomplish good with your life in the time you have.

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