One World Government:
A Distopian Transformation for Humanity

Last Update: 6 April, 2024

What this Issue is:

This issue is about a conspiracy of world leaders and influencers to cooperate to build a dystopian future of a tyrannical and technological one world government.

What this issue Includes:

This issue includes terms and concepts such as:

  1. One World Government: the centralization of human Government authority to just one Government, maybe even just one leader.

  2. New World Order: which is a vague apparently non-threatening term announced publicly by world leaders seemingly to denote one world government

  3. Great Reset: this is another vauge apparently non-threatening term announced publicly by world leaders seemingly to denote their plan to transition us to a one world government

  4. United Nations (UN), World Economic Forum (WEF), World Health Organization (WHO): these are unelected organizations whose existence and operations seem to be the beginnings of the operation of a one world government

Related Topics:

Why it's a Threat

  1. Even at the best of times, Government is a threat to civil rights and freedomds. Although some form of Government may be necessary, allowing it to trample civil rights is not.

  2. A One World Government would leave humanity with no alternative or escape on Earth from tyranny. It would be an omni-monopoly of everything in the world. The potential for abuse is much more when there is no one or no where on Earth to escape to.

  3. A One World Government could be extremely difficult to ever undo, especially with artificial intelligence systems of pervasive surveillance aimed at dettecting and nipping dissent in the bud at the earliest stages. The threat is not only our own effective enslaement, but that of ALL future generations.

  4. A One World Government would make it easy for a single villain to command all of humanity, or at least, if a villain ever did become the world leader, the absolute worst case scenario for humanity becomes possible.

Overview Documentaries, Interviews, and/or Articles:

Where did the idea of a One World Government originate?

It originated in ancient Egypt (and maybe from demonic entities operating there at that time).

The plan seems to be propagated from then to today through various secret societies.

When a plan is carried out over thousands of years, it's not difficult to see how democratic checks and balances presumably designed to resist an acute attack couldinstead be gradually overcome by infiltration and other tools of control over such a long time.

Who is Behind this Plan Today?

There seem to be very many people in positions of influance cooperating to form a one world government. As wild as this claim might have seemed before the COVID-19 crisis, we saw during that crisis a stunning willigness of world leaders to cooperate against their own people and overriding the spirit of democracy to order the same medically unsupported human rights restrictions to ostensibly combat the virus. That kind of worldwide cooperation against their own people, for which the reason given is complete nonsens, demonstrtes exactly the kind of conspiracy we're talkign about: it's not only possible, but it's already happened before recently.

The true highest players seem to want to conceal themselves, which is the point of secret societies and maintaining an appearance of democracy.

Nevertheless, if we had to guess at the public figure who seems to most be behind the one world government agenda, we suspect that to be King Charles: article King Charles III launches 'climate clock' that 'tells us what to do and by when'

Disclosures of the Social Elites' Plan

Theories of the Social Elites' Plan:

  1. One World Government. This is the central idea of the New World Order.

  2. One World Army

  3. One Worled Currency (Money)

  4. This is money where every transaction is directly monitored by the Government, and the money can be restricted to only certain purchase or confiscated or switched off at the discretion of Government.

    Oct 20, 2023: CBDC | "What Is a Central Bank Digital Currency?" - Epoch Times

  5. One World Religion, presumably Luciferian.

  6. Mass Surveillance to a Breadth and Depth Never Before Seen

  7. Have you noticed the top-down drive to get everything and everyone on the internet, and digitize everything from medical records to money? It's obvious to us that the true purpose of this is to bring everything under centralized monitoring. This includes concepts such as the 'internet of things' and 'internet of bodies'. Please see:

  8. Anchoring surveillance to a unique digital identification system for each person

  9. This seems to be a reference for each person for all of the surveillance and control systems to latch on to.

    It's rollout is top-down (government-initiated) without giving the People much or any choice.

  10. Compiling and Interpreting Mass Surveillance into a Single Obedience Score for Each Person

  11. Centralized Mass Control Mechanisms

  12. Closely tied to systems to watch you, are systems to guide your behaviour: at least quickly reacting to your unpermitted behaviour. One example is to immediately deduct money from your digital wallet to pay instant fines for minor offenses they detect on the surveillance.

  13. A Centralization of Energy: A motive behind the 'climate'-based attack on hydrocarbons seems to be a desire to centralize energy access control. Electricity systems are the one form of energy not attacked by the climate cult (people who don't want to clean up pollution but only restrict human rights in the name of climate), and the one form of energy into which other forms of energy can readily be converted. It may be that the Government is attempting to funnel all forms of energy into electricity via the public power grid, from which point they can easily control the energy access of each person. This would explain, for example, the top-down (Government) push to get everyone off vehicles fueled by hydrocarbons and onto electric cars.

  14. To potentially use wireless radiation for direct targetted physical attack.

  15. To initiate major social changes which voters did not ask for

  16. To keep careful control of not only world events, but their explanation, ie. the 'narrative', and restrict other voices.

  17. To use manufactured crises to pressure the People into accepting laws and lifestyles against our freedoms and interest, in exchange for an illusion of safety.

  18. Not to truly force the People to accept the changes, but do it with their consent whether express, implied, or tacit. Presumably for spiritual reasons, to reduce their guilt for our oppression, the Elites' strategy has consistently been to use any trick to entice us to accept or agree to initiatives against our interest, rather than force us. Techniques for that include:

    • Misattribute, Misinterrpet, or outright Falsify data. That's why you need your own data, if possible, but on some subjects the data is impractical or impossible to obtain individually.

    • Win complacent approval through aggressive initiative. It's said it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, and in government, it's usually easier to do something, like an air strike, and see if anyone is bothered to object, rather than wait for permission, and hope someone will bother themselves to approve.

    • Recruit or install people in key positions of different sectors of society to muturally support any narrative. I lie repeated often enough does not become the truth, but when it's repeated from enough different sources in society, it does tend to seem like the truth.

    • Appeal for tolerance of a temporary measure which is then extended arbitrarily because we accepted it. For example, most of the world accepted 2 weeks March 2020 lockdown for COVID-19, which the Government then simply extended for much longer.

    • Decieve us through our trust in experts, who give us false assurances while not actually being responsible for their advice to the public. For example, COVID-19 vaccines were marketed by officials as 'safe', even when the same government published harms including deaths following and not proven to be unrelated. Even with experts, the one who pays the piper usually calls the tune.

    • Withhold key information from the Public. It's typical for Government to have many layers of confidentiality of things they don't tell the Public.

    • Require compliance to stay employed, or use a certain product, service, or venue. If you are dependent on these things, too bad for you: it's still not spiritually considered forcing you.

    • Pass laws to penalize compliance. Again, it's still not spiritually considered forcing you, no matter the pressure.

    In a world where silence implies consent, and where many people don't care about politics until it tears them out of their house, it's been very easy for the Establishment to get the implied or tacit forms of consent they need to hold us responsible for for their evil initiatives, if for no other reason, than we didn't .

  19. Depopulation, reportedly even majority depopulation, leaving only about a billion people (at most):

  20. A third World War and a goal to erradicate Christianity in favour of Lucifarianism.

  21. Elimination of private home ownership

  22. To take all property away from the People.

  23. The idea is that the use of everything will be rented.

  24. To take most other rights and freedoms away from the People.

  25. Giving up human rights and freedoms is being seen as necessary for the common good, such that any hesitation to give up human rights is considered anti-social selfishness. Example February 17, 2022: Here’s how far people want the government to limit their freedoms for the sake of the planet – new research

  26. The final step to gain control, where the peope of the world quickly surrender all sovereignty to a One World Government, is thought will be performed by terrorizing humanity with a massive and convincing but ultimately fake alien invasion (so be ready for that). Among other things, it may include use of advanced holographic techology to create images in the sky, but accompanied with real military action, to produce real harms.

  27. To gradually pivot the Public narrative to revelation of existence of ETs, in preparation for the invasion event.

  28. The 'alien invasion' plan, however, would require Governments of the world to pivot from their longstanding blanket denial of extraterrestrial life to its acknowledgement, and this may be the reason for the recent disclosures from Government declaring or at least hinting at the existence of such life:

  29. Possible criminalization of Joy. It's reported by some that the very top of the centralized control plan are negative (evil) beings who actually feed off of negative emotions, such as hate and especially fear. This might explain why mainstreams news already is predominantly bad news and fearmongering: even every traffic accident you hear about but any divine miracle you don't, for example. It stands to reason that if these entities achieved enough control, they would outlaw joy because that emotion works against them. As far-fetched as that may seem, government punishment of joy has begun in Israel (which is thought might be the seat of the One World Government):

    • November 26 2023: Israel’s Insidious Narrative About Palestinian Prisoners . This includes the passage, Interior Minister Itamar Ben Gvir has banned Palestinians from celebrating their release. “My instructions are clear: there are to be no expressions of joy,” he said. “Expressions of joy are equivalent to backing terrorism, victory celebrations give backing to those human scum, for those Nazis.” He told Israeli police to deploy an “iron fist” to enforce his edict.

  30. If a One Wolrd Government is established, maybe even worse horrors.

What the Threats Are:

  1. Oppressive Global Dictatorship

  2. Extreme and Invasive Surveillance means the ability to monitor and demand compliance in far more areas than would have previously been possible.

  3. Forfeiture of many individual human rights and freedoms: why allow people human rights if they could interfere with your elitists vision? The very idea of dictatorship is opposed to individual rights and freedoms. These rights forfeitures can include: medical mandates, property forefeiture, conscription

Why You Should Care:

This is one of those problems that won't profit to ignore. It may be tempting to ignore it and focus on building your own wealth, like most people seem to be doing, but it's one of the goals of the Great Reset to take everything you have (in a society devoid of property rights, at least for the masses). So whatever wealth you're building they plan to take away. Even if you just care about your own wealth, it makes sense to take a break from working for a little more for yourself to stop these people from taking everything. Otherwise the wealth you are building you're just building for them to take.

If you care about more than just your money, you might be interested to note that human rights practically won't exist in the new model, which is also planned to use extreme surveillance and invasive technology.

It makes sense to protect your right to have something, like property or privacy, before you focus on accumulating it. In the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, we saw many people discover that something like a business, which they worked all their lives for, or a career they spent their life educating for, or worked decades at, could be instantly taken away from them by the stroke of a pen by Government and cooperating regulatory bodies and their whimsical narrative.

Human rights are easy to lose but difficult to recover. If we lose them, we likely lose them for the forseeable future, and for future generations.

Evidence that this is real:

The evidence is all around us:

  1. Censorship of of Media Corporations by Other Corporations

  2. The more corporations act in concert to enforce social agendas, abandoning their pursuit of profit, the more it is the sign of a Shadow Government working through them all for a higher agenda even than profit.

    For-profit news agencies have an incentive to do the bidding of large-spending advertisers, who typically demand not just ad space, but some say over content. Otherwise they can suddenly lose that revenue. An example from November 09, 2022: General Mills, purveyor of genetically modified processed junk food cereals, pulls ads from Twitter following Musk takeover

  3. Cancellation of even Elected Officials if they Contradict the Establishment Narrative:

  4. When the government agenda is clearly held more important than government election results, it's a sign that the Shadow Government is a real and higher authority.

  5. Evidence of a plan to widely confiscate private Property:

  6. In the following video, King Charles proposed the creation of "a vast, military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector. With trillions at its disposal ... it offers the only real prospect of achieving fundamental economic transition": King Charles calls military to control climate!. In other words, use the military to confiscate the world's private property for Government goals.

  7. Evidence that unelected elites claim divine power over humanity while suppressing traditional religion

  8. Evidence of a plan for some kind of 'great reset' of society:

    • Sea Beasts King Charles and Prince William

    • King Charles III supports the Great Reset agenda

    • Oct 30, 2020: Time Magazine announces ‘The Great Reset’ to usher in world socialism

    • Here is the WEF official webpage; evidence doesn't get better than that: The Great Reset. Unfortunately there're usually very vague about what they intend to do, most of the time, so it takes digging and listening to find it. But they're clear and adamant that they want to reform society in some major way regardless of the desire or decision of voters.

    • In July 2022, Thierry Malleret, Klaus Schwab (Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum ) published a book COVID-19: The Great Reset. Was this book prepared beforehand or produced quickly after the pandemic was declared? How can it present causes and lessons from a pandemic which was unprecedented and only just begun?

    • Starting at 2:26 in the official WEF audio, The Great Reset: Resetting the World, Klaus Schwab says that, "The People assume that we are just going back to the good old world ... and everything will be normal again ... this is fiction: it will not happen." It seems to means that they have decided not to allow us to have the freedoms we had before; they are redirecting our lives now.

    • Governments and mainstream media describing the COVID-19 pandemic as an 'opportunity' to 'build back better' in a 'New World Order'. This indicates a plan between them. Evidence:

  9. Evidence of Intent to use COVID as a launchpad for the New World Order:

    1. 12 Aug, 2023 video: Covid-19 Was A Globalist Plot To Conquer The World Warns Top German Leader

    2. What more evidence do you need of a coordinated international coup
    3. World Bank: Stating COVID Provided the Opportunity for Centralised Global Digital ID

    4. The pandemic is the opportunity to change the world (Klaus Schwab)

    5. Vampire Prince Says COVID Is A "Golden Opportunity" To Enslave Humanity

    6. Klaus Schwab's WEF Has Posted It's Latest Dream For Us All... 5 Ways The PLANdemic Could Re-Shape Our Lives #WEF #NWO #PredictiveProgramming

    7. May 22, 2020: Are We Ready To Embrace A New World Order?

    8. Coronavirus: who will be winners and losers in new world order?

  10. Evidence that Human Rights Discretionary Regulation as the Foundational Principle of the New World Order:

    You may have noticed that since the start of COVID-19, our society changed from one where we had permanent and inalienable human rights to one where human rights were considered arbitrarily suspendable by Government at any time for any reason with no notice. Now we wait on Government announcements to see how we are allowed to live that month, such as whether or not we are allowed to walk in the park or work or visit our mother. Oh there's always an excuse, such as a new pandemic 'wave' declared by Government or the World Health Organization, but excuses aside, this is what's been happening to our human rights.

    At the moment of this writing, most COVID-19 social restrictions are lifted in most regions, but Government has made clear that they can and 'will not hesitate' to re-impose social restrictions again if they see fit. In other words, our freedom is only temporary and at their pleasure.

    1. Disturbing! Australia Health Minister: ‘We’ve Got to Accept That This is the New World Order,’ as Harsh COVID Lockdowns Imposed

  11. Clear declarations that the new future is to transform, cull, and enslave humanity, primarily using technology.

    They call it the '4th Industrial Revolution'.

    1. October 26, 2022 The Great Reset | The Fourth Industrial Revolution | "I Believe That the Future Is Stakeholder Capitalism" - Klaus Schwab

    2. Are you ready for the 4th industrial revolution?

    3. Dr. Rashid Buttar | Monkeypox 101 | 7 URGENT Updates About Monkeypox

    4. Klaus Schwab | "The Great Reset 4th Industrial Revolution Has Become a Reality."

  12. Prominent Journalists Reporting that they No Longer Recognize their Own Country

Analysis: What this Looks Like:

AN EMERGENCY TO SAVE HUMANITY: Globalist governments and the unelected officials they seem to answer to have made it clear that their goal is to take everything from the Public away: ALL our rights (see here), ALL our possessions (see here), our children (see here and here), and even our humanity (see here), in a way designed to be irreversible (see video from 2:25 to 3:10 here).

Elites remaking our society in their image is not merely a conspiracy theory, it's a book co-authored by the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, called The Great Reset. Furthermore elected officials have been announcing the agenda for years under the terms 'reset', or the slogan 'build back better'.

Your life is being decided. The Establishment openly admits that their biggest economic and political question in the coming decades is "what to do with all these useless people?"

Allowing Government to suspend human rights on excuse of COVID was a big mistake. The Public's foolish acceptance of these human rights suspensions and dictatorial 'emergency' government powers, so long as done in reaction to a manufactured scare (see here), have given globalists a successful tool to implement any social change.

With pandemic emergencies (prolonging the successful tool) becoming endless, climate emergency (a similar tool they hope to be equally effective) dictates already threatening our food supply, alteration of the genetics of humans already happening (genetic COVID-19 vaccines), depopulation by soft kill (vaccines, abortion, 5G, fluoride) in progress, inflation-lead global financial collapse also in progress, and NATO versus Russia-China-NorthKorea nuclear war an imminent threat, among other horrors (like famine, CERN), it is difficult to imagine us having any more room to slip before destruction cannoted be averted, whether it comes by our hand, our consent, the hand of an enemy, by divine wrath, or some combination thereof.

All of it is happening with the express or implied consent of the Public, which is exactly how the Establishment likes it, so that we share in the responsibility.

What it seems that they want to do:

Their Ultimate Goal: Ultimately, the goal seems to be not only a one world government, but a high-tech totalitarian dictatorship of 'total' surveillance ("monitors everybody all of the time", including "under-the-skin", and World Leader | Yuval Noah Harari | "Hitler & Stalin Would Be Nothing Compared To What AI Can Create") by invasive technology and human biological alteration so intense that they hope to monitor even thoughts (in the head) and end free will, compassion, and spirituality.

They consider democracy "inefficient" now.

They tell us we're in the midst of their intended "Fourth Industrial Revolution", and that the main feature is not about changing what we produce but about changing us, adding the specific example of genetic change.

Also the plan is that elites will live and evolve separately from everyone else. Perhaps this separation in society is what is meant in the Holy Bible (KJV) Daniel 2:43: And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

They may want to move us towards a Biblical (mark of the beast, as in Revelation 13:16-17) payment system, of which the currently-available Walletmor chip might be an example.

Even if they fail, by human alteration they hope to establish a baseline that we can never go back to how we were before: not even if we revolt and win for example.

References include:

Tools to bring in a One World Government and Universal Oppression:

  1. Gradual and Quiet Implementation of Required Features. Legal and other preparations are being put in place which would give Government and inter-government organizations tremendous powers in case of a crisis.such as:

  2. Human rights override clauses built in to human rights and freedom legislation, such Article 29(3) of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states: "These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.".

  3. Financial leglisation which allow creditors to seize the assets of the clients of a business in certain circumstances, such as 'bail-in' legislation, which permits banks to seize client assets to avoid bankruptcy. Please see: The Great Taking - Official Trailer and The Great Taking - Documentary. As discussed in those documentaries, one of the most damning features of the Great Depression was not simply a stock market collapse, but a kind of bank collapse where banks were ordered closed, and although many people lost the money they had in those banks, any debts they had were not cancelled but were preserved and enforced by the Federal Reserve (see documentary from approximately 37 minute mark)!

  4. Medical legislation which permits the suspension of human rights in case of a pandemic, such as Alberta, Canada's 'Public Health Act' section 52.6(1), which states: "52.6(1) On the making of an order under section 52.1 and for up to 60 days following the lapsing of that order the Minister or a regional health authority may do any or all of the following for the purpose of preventing, combating or alleviating the effects of the public health emergency and protecting the public health: (a) acquire or use any real or personal property;"

  5. Anti-Terrorist Legislation, where 'terrorist' tends to be defined as anyone who criticizes the Government narrative.

  6. Emergency Legislation which not only is aimed at suspending human rights and freedoms to deal with the emergency, but generally allows the same Government benefiting from the increased powers to declare an emergency as they see fit. It's not that the People would declare the emergency and confer extra powers to Government deal with it, but Government declares an emergency and awards itself extra powers to ostnensibly deal with it. There is an obvious incentive for Government to declare a manufactured or false emergency simply as an excuse to gain the increased powers.

  7. Consent, which they much prefer to obtain from victims to vastly reduce the spiritual responsibility on them. Methods to encourage consent include:

    1. Secrecy from the Public by Elected Governments: do to voting for these systems, it's basically voting to be uninformed.

    2. Trust-Based Deception. Although total deception would not be consent, the art of trust-based deception is to present the truth to you through official and mainstream channels, but still permit a trickle of truth through humble channels. The Public tendency is to choose to trust the official rather than humble source, which is not the Elites' fault.

    3. Positive Financial Incentives. When you control fiat money creation, it's easy to dangle carrots like this before anyone you want.

    4. Negative Legal and Penal Incentives. When you write the laws, and direct the law enforcement system, it's easy to use that system to effectively do whatever you want to anyone.

    5. Mandates. However they don't like to do them without some kind of public consent for them.

    6. Imperium. Elites tend to run organizations where subordinates are obligated to obey orders on penalty of losing their job and benefits, or worse. However the spiritualy of it is that even if your job doesn't permit you to disobey, you were born with the freedom to choose, and so you are responsible, even to follow orders. In harmony with this, the excuse of simply following orders is generally not accepted for war crimes: you are responsible for what you do, even if it was ordered, especially if you entered that role voluntarily.

    7. Unconditional Oaths of loyalty, obedience, or silence. Often these are requirements for posts or citizenship, but there should always be moral limits.

    8. Failure to react to whistleblowing can be interpreted as consent for what is revealed. For example, weakness of public outcry to the Snowden revalations forms a kind of tacit public consent for invassive and pervasive Government surveillance.

    9. Symbols. Sometimes an organizations symbolism reveals its true purpose, which you consent to if you ignore it.

  8. Manufactured Crises, bringing the Public to our knees, and more willing to accept any new system so that we can eat.

  9. Depopulation means less herd to manage. They only need so much for their purposes, especially in a robotic/AI age..

  10. Infiltration combined with Centralized Power Structures: thereby a few infiltrators/traitors can control the masses.

  11. Weakened forms of democracy easily bent towards dictatorship, such as the representative democracy system

  12. Longstanding Secret Societies, to coordinate these agendas over the long term.

  13. Witchcraft, to receive guidance from masters of evil.

Exactly How they Plan to Do It:

It seems that, after decades of preparations, a world government will be instituted suddenly as a reaction to manufactured crisis like this:

  1. Food production collapses such as due to Government artificial restrictions on famers under the banner of combatting climate change.

  2. Initiatives have begun to restrict fertilizer in the Western world, at least:

  3. And/or there is a war by provoking other powers until they react and then claiming that their reaction was 'unprovoked aggression'. This is what was already attempted with the Ukraine war, for example, where Russia's invasion was portrayed as 'unprovked aggression' despite the fact that: Russia rejects NATO on its borders as a security threat, Russia was not disrupting the peace but intevening on an 8 year old civil war which the West had already been giving military support to for at least 7 years prior, and that the Ukraine Government has failed to honour its Minsk agreements to grant the contested regions self-governance and generaly stop shooting at them following their referendums to separate in 2014 and 2022.

  4. And/or there is a manufactured crisis of many other possible kinds such as a cyber-attack

  5. And/or Government or inter-Government organizations arbitrarily declare any crisis of their choosing at any time, and then take up democracy-squashing emergency powers to deal with it. For example, they did this in the COVID-19 crisis depite that virus being little dangerous if it was even real at all.

  6. Notably there is the potential to arbitrarily declare and act on an climate emergency at any time:

  7. Once an emergency is declared, Government can:

    1. give themselves democracy-squashing 'emergency' powers or obey 'emergency' leglislation already in place with inter-government organizations

    2. scare the Public into forfeiting any or all rights to save them. Example video: This is Their Strategy... Sick Psychopaths Anyone who objects is labelled a threat to that safety.

    3. give help only in exchange for giving up rights or freedoms. For example, maybe food supplies are disrupted, and Government only gives you a food ration if you comply with something they want such as a central bank digital currency or forfeiting your rights to personal property.

    4. coerce the Public into obedience by withdrawing basic rights unless they obey, by posing them as a threat if they don't obey. For example, during the COVID-19 crisis, it was publicly accepted by the Majority that lockdowns would only be lifted if a certain percentage of the population accpted the vaccine,a nd anyone who refused the COVID-19 vaccine could lose their job, their right to go to a restaurant, and generally be even more severely ostracized than someone who tested positive for the virus.

    5. make emergency agreements internationally which effectively become a one world governments

    6. make all the ostensibly emergency or temporary measures permanent

Corporate Support for the Globalist Agenda:

(this section is in development; corporate support is widespread)

  1. Samsung: Changing the world together by 2030


  1. 20 Nov, 2023: How can they get so many people to cooperate? If they won't do it for money, power, and priviledge, they seem to have developed ways to force them: example vide: The People Have No Idea About The Technology They Possess - David Icke

News Updates:

What's the Bottom Line of All This? What does it mean to Freedom-Loving Individuals?

It means a new economic system is being developed where you either submit to increasingly invasive technology or you're left out of the global economy.

The only reasonable chance you have to resist is if you become self-sufficient.

What We Can Do About It:

  1. Sign this Petition: I WILL NOT COMPLY DECLARATION

  2. Pray.

  3. Use your political rights wisely to stop or slow the evil.

  4. Share the truth.


  6. Prepare, especially in physical useful assets and self-sufficiency. Example podcast: Stealth enslavement: A slow, CREEPING TYRANNY is methodically strangling your privacy and freedom

  7. Reject tyranny including forfeiture of human rights.

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