Official Misinformation:
Enslavement by Lies

Last Update: 26 September, 2022

What's the Problem?

Probably the greatest indirect threat to life on earth is deliberate public deception via deliberate spread of knowingly wrong information.

Without the correct information, you cannot form a correct understanding, and you cannot hope to intervene in a situation the right way. You might even come in on the wrong side. For example, the Public accepted COVID-19 vaccines on belief of the promise that they would make them immune and end the pandemic, but they did neither.

When dealing with reasonable people, guiding the information people are given tends to guide their decisions. It's a way to control them while still feigning innocence that what they decided to do was their choice.

There is a tremendous incentive to mislead the Public for power and profit: bringing Public support behind anything attracts big sums of money, power, personnel, and other resources.

The scope, shockingly, is not to lie to us about a certain key event. The scope of the effort is to lie to us about everything, so that everything we believe is a lie they made for us. Here is a sampling of evidence on that:

There are layers of misinformation, including:

  1. Government, who can make false statements with authority, if not by themselves, from their appointed experts and agencies.

  2. Science, which in theory is only a method, but in practice the word means the scientific community, a community which depends on funding from Government and corporations, who thereby exert great influence to cooperate with the narrative of the Establishment.

  3. Mainstream Media, who often have influence from Government and sponsors and owners, and many are often owned by the same person or entity; they tend to support the Establishment in what they report, how they report it, which guest speakers they bring on or leave out, and which news they omit to report. They can make the guilty seem innocent and the innocent guilty, as well as the most important issue seem unimportant and issues of negligible long-term impact to society (such as professional sports results) seem like the most important thing to think about.

  4. Fact-checkers, who are a second layer of news often suffering the same problems of who owns and influences them.

  5. Religious institutions, who often take a passive role in remaining silent, even in the face of great atrocity, in exchange for perks from the Establishment such as tax exemptions.

The primary motive is cheap & easy control of the Public, the idea being that with an appropriate lie, we will not only accept any change, and obey any order, but even attack and snitch on each other if we find others not obeying. Afterwards, the perpetrators are typically seen as heroes, even re-elected after perpetrating what should have been clear tyranny, rather than tried for crimes against humanity.

The truth will eventually be found out, but due to a disinterest in truth by most of the Public, and by the time it takes to unravel all the lies and gather the right evidence, nobody cares to bring the perpetrators to justice, and there are many people who resist the truth, even then, no matter the evidence, because they don't want to admit they were wrong.

Historical Examples of Public Disinformation:

Following are examples where that's exactly what happened, ie: the Public was lied to about the cause for some major event (either the statement was known to be false when it was made, or the truth was not promptly revealed when it became known), and, embracing the lie, the Public supported either the wrong action; the truth was eventually found out, but by the time it was, nobody cared to do anything about it or the perpetrators were gone.

  1. The German sinking of the ship 'Lusitania' during World War I, on 7 May 1915. It was the largest ocean liner at the time of its launch, in 1906, being more than 7/8 the length of the Titanic, which was launched 5 years later. It had many American passengers, and was a major factor in Americal public support for entry into the war. The argument was that it should not have been sunk since it was only a passenger ship. Germany accused that it was carrying munitions bound for Britian which was denied by both Britain and USA officials. But when divers went, decades later, to investigate the wreck, the British government warned them that there were munitions on board, and it's now known that there were hundreds of tons of munitions on board of various kinds. This, of course, shows that they knew, and they lied. Also it was kept quiet that the Germans had taken out ads in 50 American newspapers, prior to the voyage, warning passengers that sailing this ship in the warzone is liable to destruction and they do so at their own risk. Although there were other reasons to fight the Germans, this should not have been one of them.

  2. Germany's Invasion of Poland which started World War II. Adolf Hitler lied to his people that Poland was responsible for an attack on a German radio tower which Hitler himself secretly ordered. This became known as the Gleiwitz incident.

  3. The Vietnam War: The alleged August 4, 1964 attack on a US ship, for which the US retaliated and which became the Vietnam war, never happened, as recently admitted by the then United States Secretary of Defense, Robert S. McNamara. See Gulf of Tonkin incident.

  4. The 9/11 towers attacks, officials launched us out to war with Afghanistan on their analysis (that we trusted patriotically), saying that terrorists protected by Afghanistan had done it, even though it's physically impossible for two relatively fragile aluminum airplanes to turn three steel-and-concrete skyscrapers into powder, not to mention the fact that the buildings were designed to resist an airplane impact. Recently compelling video and video analysis, eyewitness testimonly and other evidences prove that the buildings were destroyed by demoition, and that there were no airplanes (part of this presentation can be found at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth). Unfortunately the Public doesn't care now: the truth has come too late for their interest; it doesn't seem to matter to Americans that America was dragged into a totally unjustified invasion and that, just as seriously, someone else was responsible for the destruction of the towers.

  5. The Iraq Invasion by the USA in 2003, justified on officials insisting that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was harbouring Osama Bin Laden. Neither was ever shown to be true, after millions of lives were lost.

Recent Examples of Disinformation Acts and Campaigns:

  1. September 13, 2022: CDC Director Admits Agency Gave False Information on COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring

  2. 19 Aug, 2022: Ukranian president Vladimir Zelensky mislead his Ukranian people into believing there would be peace after he was already informed details of Russia's plans to invade. Zelensky faces furious criticism from Ukrainians — WaPo

  3. 12 June, 2022: Low-IQ “fact checkers” are paid by Pharma to remove anti-pharma content from the internet

Preconditioning the Public to Resist Truth

  • Preconditioning the Public to Automatically Resist Anyone who Approaches them with Ideas Contrary to the Official Narrative

  • Typically this is based on the assumption that the ideas of unconventional presenters must come from dubious sources (since it's not the official narrative) and the presumption that therefore all such ideas must be false. This approach is also attractive to some people because it doesn't require actually looking at the evidence of either side on the issue to maintain a feeling of truth, safety, and security on the issue, as well as a feeling of superiority over others. Example: How should you talk to friends and relatives who believe conspiracy theories?

Why is It a Problem?

  1. Public deception tends to raise public support for the wrong kinds of action, such as:

    1. Public support for, even demand for, atrocities (actions against life, human rights, etc), as well as initiation of atrocities which wait on public support. For example, in the COVID crisis, due to a simple play on the difference between relative and absolute efficacy. The Public was lead to believe that that the vaccines were 95% effective (relative immunity), when in fact they only gave people an extra 1% of immunity towards the virus (absolute immunity). Due to this lie, the Public not only supported but demanded vaccinations, no matter the risks, and demanded anyone who refuse them to be punished, trampling the basic human right to choose one's own irreversible medical treatments.

    2. Public support for blind punishments for anyone trying to spread opposing ideas, ie. even before hearing what they have to say, to prevent what they have to say, on the untested assumption that it must be misinformation.

  2. Public deception tends to cause people to make the wrong decision in irreversible ways, such as:

    • Taking a (medically-irreversible) vaccination which you were promised would make you immune and end the pandemic, only for the same bunch of officials to later tell you that it does neither.

What Can We Do to Defend Ourselves from Public Deception?

Suggestions are:

  1. Be more skeptical of the claims the more dramatic the change the Public is asked to support based on those claims. For example, since blaming the other side for an attack they're actually not responsible for is a common method of raising public support for starting (though seen as responding to) an attack, be extra skeptical about any justification presented to you to win your support for war.

  2. Follow the widest range of news sources you can. In our society, truth tends to be found easiest when listening to diverse viewpoints, not listening to one source.

  3. Seek God's input. He is the ONLY reliable official source of Truth.

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