Conventional Medicine

Last Update: 27 January, 2023

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Here are clear and important facts on conventional medicine to understand and share to protect life:

  1. FACT: The medical industry's purpose is profit, and to serve that purpose the most profitable treatment approach is to exploit patients' illness for endless demand of related medical products and services, rather than cure that patient quickly.

  2. Medicine is a for-profit business and it's incentive is to run like a for-profit business. It is naive to forget that, howevermuch it pays marketing companies to promote it as caring only about patient health.

    People who are cured and healthy tend not to come back for any more medical services except an occasional checkup. Keeping people healthy is the least profitable way to practice medicine.

    Prescribing prescriptions drugs to manage their problem, however, especially drugs which they are never intended to stop taking, ensures that person's life-long dependency on the physician for repeat visits to renew the prescription, and repeat orders of that drug. And they will pay virtually any price for them, now that their health depends on it.

    In the medical industry, each disease is not merely a condition, but a business market to sell products and services for: for example the cancer market, COVID market, etc.

    Natural remedies tend to be heavily attacked by the medical industry to not reach public notice or access. Isn't it strange that nothing natural has been announced by the medical industry to treat cancer or COVID, for example? Sometimes a physician will refuse to allow an institutionalized patient something, such as garlic, as a pill, by authoritarianism, which the patient would have been allowed to eat in their food. Vitamin D and ivermectin were attacked in the COVID pandemic despite their effectiveness, immediate availabilty, and relative safety. Any remedies which cannot be patented by pharmaceutical companies and especially those which patients can self-medicate without needing to repeatedly obtain a physician's preseription threaten the flow of revenue to the medical industry. Treatments which restore the patient to full intact health do not create the profitable dependency which drugs or especially surgery tend to do (there is a saying that once you go under the knife yo're never the same).

    There's often little or no sense of medical professional alarm or regret or apology when treatments which the patient might hoped to cure do not. There's always another treatment to sell when it doesn't. For example, there was no medical industry alarm when the COVID-19 vaccines didn't confer immunity or end the pandemic as originally promised in their rollout; instead there were more boosters sold, which actually turns out being far more money for vaccine manufacturers than if the first dose worked.

    Sometimes not only treatment but even the death of the patient are financially incentivised, as it was in the COVID-19 pandemic; an example video from Dec 13, 2022 is: Attorney Thomas Renz: We Have Incentivized The MURDER Of Patients- NOT The Treatment

  3. FACT: When Government pays for health care, they have both incentive and power to lead society towards depopulation to save money

  4. Government has so much power that they shouldn't be allowed to have a killing incentive like that. Insurance companies also pay medical costs, but can't make orders or laws to lead people to their deaths.

    January 10, 2023: The end game of government health care is government-assisted SUICIDE

  5. FACT: Physicians answer to someone else who usually has much more power over them than their patient, and whose interest is not necessarily compatible with their patient's best health.

  6. Physicians receive orders and other unilateral declarations from the hospital they work for, the body which licenses them, the Government, and whoever actually funds the medical procedures. Whether or not the Public can get access to these communications, they are intented for the physician's eyes primarily. These orders can greatly influence patient advice, options, and treatment and medical reporting for that patient. We do not currently have copies of any (because we haven't searched on the internet), but from our ears anecdotal examples of what we have heard from such communications have included:

    1. Insurance declarations that they will not pay for a visit if natural treatments are advised.

    2. Insurance declarations that they won't pay for vitamin D tests unless the patient is diagnosed or at least suspected of rickets.

    3. Medical college advisory not to recommend gall bladder flush-outs but gall bladder surgery (removal) in case of bile duct obstruction.

    4. That everyone who works at a hospital must swear an oath for employment that they will not report to outsiders what happens there.

    We notice some physicians unreasonably resisting patient requests for nonstandard medical tests or referrals to specialists; we suspect they have received some communication warning and restricting them to absolutely minimize tests and referrals to minimize costs for the medical insurance organization.

    We notice numerous physicians having their licenses suspended for criticizing COVID-19 vaccines; we suspect that physicians were warned en masse in private communication not to critize these vaccines.

  7. FACT: Pharmaceuticals kill people, in large numbers, even as one of the top causes of death, and it's been socially accepted for our medicines to kill.

  8. It's amazing how accepted adverse effects of pharmaceuticals are by the industry. Even telivision commercials for drugs explicitly mention horrible potential adverse effects which should make any moral physician refuse to prescribe them. But they still prescribe them. For example:

  9. FACT: Pharmaceutical Companies not worthy of blind Public trust:

    Quite the opposite. Many of the vaccine manufacturers have been exposed for serious immorality in numerous scandals in the past, neither is the history of the industry a good one. Here are some references:

    1. Jan 27, 2023: Situation Update, Jan 27, 2023 - Pfizer director goes BERSERK, violently assaults Project Veritas journalists in NYC

    2. Jan 26, 2023: Pfizer Exposed For Exploring "Mutating" COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccines Via 'Directed Evolution'

    3. January 16, 2023: COERCION: Pfizer targeted Nigerian AG in 2009, pressured him to cease legal action

    4. January 8, 2023: A brief history of an Evil Empire: Pfizer

    5. January 07, 2023: NEVER FORGET: Pfizer sued for $7B over illegal drug trials on kids

    6. January 7, 2023: Pfizer’s history of fraud, corruption and using people as guinea pigs

    7. Infamous WWII Nazi death camps, including Auschwitz, were built by pharmaceutical companies, who also greatly helped Hitler's rise to power and war effort in financial and chemical ways: More Fascinating History of Bayer Pharmaceutical, BASF and IG Farben, and The Founding of Bayer

    8. Video: Pharmaceutical Industry is Guilty of Enormous Amounts of Fraud (2012)

    9. The Vaccine Injured - Numbers Are Skyrocketing

    10. Secrets the Pharmaceutical Industry Don't Want You to See

    11. July 20, 2014 Article: Irrefutable proof that Big Pharma is a criminal racket: Bribery, scientific fraud, felony crimes and more

    12. September 30, 2012 Article: The racket that is Big Pharma

    13. June 10, 2020 Article: BOMBSHELL: Leaked conversation of Lancet and NEJM Editors-In-Chief reveals they already know Big Pharma is a “criminal” cartel pushing rigged science for profit

    14. February 17, 2016 Article: Big Pharma is a criminal organization killing Americans with harmful products, claims Phoenix Tears founder

    15. June 12, 2020 Article: Secret recording exposes “criminal” influence by Big Pharma in research published by Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine

  10. FACT: Just because something is approved by Government for public distribution doesn't mean it is safe.

    Of course not because many 'approved' pharmaceuticals have been killing people.

    That's what 'Emergency Authorization' is for: distributing something unsafe while avoiding liability for harms.

    There are many incentives at work besides public health in approving a product (if that is a concern at all), such as what Government wants and the powerful pharmaceutical lobby wants. Here are resources on the subject:

    1. July 12, 2022: Investigation finds that big pharma money permeates drug regulatory agencies throughout the world

    2. Big Pharma is the Largest Lobbyist on Capital Hill - Mikki Willis
    3. FDA Exec on Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy "Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible"

    4. FDA Executive Officer Exposes Close Ties Between Agency and Pharmaceutical Companies

    Also you might have noticed their tendency to approve synthetic drugs for treatment of disease but not natural herbs or vitamins.

    To think that what is approved is what is healthy because these regulators only consider Public health and nothing else, is totally naive. Some examples of tragedies of the past:

    1. The Shadow of the Thalidomide Tragedy | Retro Report | The New York Times

    2. FDA approved does NOT EQUAL SAFE

  11. FACT: Adverse effects of pharmaceuticals and other medical procedures are profitable for the medical industry..

  12. Right or wrong, adverse effects tend to generate demand for more medical products and services.

    It's not uncommon for the maker of a pharmaceutical which causes an adverse effect to make another product to sell you to help to combat that adverse effect. For example, whereas COVID-19 vaccines, such as by Moderna, are known to cause myocarditis sometimes, Moderna has released another product to supposedly heal heart muscle. Related articles:

    This is a highly profitable business model where defects of the first product are not only accepted (and without legal liability) but generate demand for the second product. This is much more profitable than making products without adverse effects.

  13. FACT: The ancient word from which 'pharmacy' and 'pharmaceutical' is derived is pharmakeia which the Bible translates as 'witchcraft' or 'sorecery' and warns against it.

    • Strong's G5331

    • Holy Bible (KJV), Gal 5:19-21: [19] Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
      [20] Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,
      [21] Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

    • Holy Bible (KJV), Rev 18:23: And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

    • December 10, 2019: Why Revelation 18:23 Is So Important NOW

  14. FACT: The medical industry has tremendous influence over its own regulation.

    This implies an ability to give them leeway against the Public good.

    Here are resources on the subject:

    1. July 12, 2022: Investigation finds that big pharma money permeates drug regulatory agencies throughout the world

    2. Big Pharma is the Largest Lobbyist on Capital Hill - Mikki Willis
    3. FDA Executive Officer Exposes Close Ties Between Agency and Pharmaceutical Companies

  15. FACT: Government regulators typically allow pharmaceutical companies to perform ALL of the required pre-clinical and clinical tests on their own products (which are then used by Government to decide approval of their products for Public distribution).

  16. Typically, the Government regulator only evaluates the design and results presented by the manufacturer in deciding to approve or not.

    The Government may claim to strictly oversee the trials, but they have no cost incentive to make the effort; only when they're actually performing the trials themselves would their oversight truly be ensured. Example article: November 28, 2022 Report: FDA’s failure to adequately oversee vaccine clinical trials is endangering public health

    The incentive and opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to pervert the results in favour of their product are tremendous, as well as other moral problems. There is evidence this has happened in reality many times; as just a few examples:

    If the Public health was of paramount importance, only the Government would be allowed to run at least the later safety trials.

    Documentary: Science for Hire - A Gary Null Production

  17. FACT: There is no requirement for physicians to use the most natural or harmless treatments first.

    For example, complete removal of tonsils and gallbladders and apendices are often the first option conventional medicine uses to deal with problems concerning them.

    All of the least harmful options should have been explored first if patient wellbeing was the primary goal. It's not.

    Cutting out bodyparts alters the body in ways it can never be whole, and may become more and more dependent on the medical industry for products and services to support what is missing.

  18. FACT: This industry doesn't hesitate to promote causing human death as healthcare.

  19. The main two examples are abortion and euthanasia. Yes even a human fetus is still human and abortion kills that human. As for euthanasia, it can be demanded or it can be coerced and the Law makes no distinction. Example article: ‘Angels of death’: Whistleblower exposes horrors of British Columbia’s healthcare system

  20. FACT: There are cases where family has to take the hospital to court to stop them from killing the patient.

  21. For example:

  22. FACT: The medical industry disempowers clients in ways most other industries do not.

    • Medical clients are generally referred to and treated as 'patients' rather than 'clients'. The word 'patient' means you wait on whatever the physician decides to do to you. It is a foundation of how much control you are expected to have in the process.

    • Patients are normally not permitted to see their own chart or even test results without physician permission.

    • Labs performing medical tests normally send results directly to the physician. You typically don't have the right to see your own test results without a physician's permission.

    • Patients are not permitted to renew their own preseriptions, not even for things they have become dependent on and there is no reasonable expectation that they will ever not need.

    • Physicians are notorious for keeping patients waiting, not as an exception but as the rule, not minutes but often many hours, especially in emergency services, and even when they have a fixed appointment.

    • Physicians sometimes charge people in need for waiting to be seen. Do any other service providers do this? Woman waited in Atlanta ER for seven hours and wasn't seen. She was later charged $700.

    • Physicians can charge people for crying. Do you know any compassionate people who do this? Woman charged $40 for crying during a doctor's appointment

    • Patients have little negotiating power in practice in their treatment. In theory they can shop for the best prices, but in practice shopping around for treatment of your medical condition is usually very impractical due to urgency and due to the physicians deciding treatment not the patient: you would need to find another phyician equally convinced of the same treatment. Patients can refuse treatment, or sign themselves out of hospital, but in practice that can mean the physician or hospital stops treating them forever, since they refused treatment.

    • The current culture promotes strong defensiveness to any criticism from the patient. Especially in a hospital environment, institutional control is strong, medical legal authority is strong, and there is an underlying understanding on both levels that the physician always knows best, whether or not the patient always agrees. Therefore patients who are reluctant to agree, or show any kind of criticism or hesitation, tend to be like the nail which sticks out and gets hammered back in. This thinking, for example, of physicans always knowing best and patient reluctance being nothing more than an unnecessary obstacle, is the foundation of the Government and medical industry war on vaccine 'hesitancy'.

  23. FACT: Although patients are presumed to have inferior understanding compared to medical professionals, the medical industry tends to make it difficult to hold physicans responsible when their advice is followed but the patient gets worse.

  24. Aspects to this:

    • Vaccine manufacturers are granted legal immunity by Government for any harms caused by their products, even though there is no moral reason why they shouldn't be responsible for what they formulate and manufacture. This also protects profits, not the patient.

    • Patients are not normally permitted access to their own chart and not usually given a copy of their own test results. This hiding of facts from the patient protests the physician not the patient.

    • The chart is written by the physician, not the patient. They can describe the story how they want to, include what they want, and omit what they want.

    • Consent for treatment can be misinformed. How many people receiving the COVID-19 vaccines were advised of the risks? Rather the Establishment insisted they were 'safe'.

    • Consent for treatment can be implied. If the patient is unconscious, even if the medical staff induced the unconsciousness, the physician can usually do what he or she judges best based on 'implied consent'.

    • Consent forms can be put in front of the patient for signture without the 'risks' and 'alternatives' the form says were disclosed actually being disclosed.

    • Unfair waivers of rights can be demanded to pursue needed procedures. Patients are typically expected to sign excessively disempowering liability waivers before going in to surgery, to the point that it's difficult to have a legal remedy even for a surgical mistake.

    • Although consent can be refused, in practice this can result in the physician stopping all care, or the hospital never allowing the person back.

  25. FACT: Up to the early 1900s, Western medical practice was heavily based on natural methods.

  26. Example article: How Rockefeller Created the Business of Western Medicine

  27. FACT: Physicians have knowledge. But so does everyone else. It's a human quality.

  28. The idea that someone becomes an infallible source of knowledge because they have a medical degree or license, and that this somehow invalidates everyone else's knowledge on that subject, is a worship culture which works against the haring of ideas. The unwritten law of this culture is that only a physician knows anything about medicine, always being right on medicine, since they are official experts, over anyone else who is not, to the point that anyone who is not a physician is condemned from commenting on health at all. It's like not being allowed to say it's warm outside without being a meteorologist. It's as though knowledge must be licensed by the Government to be spoken. It tramples the human capacity for anyone to learn and have knowledge and be correct about something. Examples of this attitude are:

    1. "You're not a doctor": Jen Psaki calls out Fox News reporter Peter Doocy over mask mandate ruling

    2. You're Not a Doctor. You're Just a Dentist.

    3. You're Not a Doctor!

    4. CBS host challenges Mark Meadows on vaccine interference: 'You're not a doctor'

  29. FACT: As much as physicians know about medicine, there is so much that they don't know about medicine that you can easily die without them even knowing why.

  30. For example, in Alberta for 2021, the Government there declared the leading cause of death was unknown causes. CArticle July 6, 2022: Deaths with unknown causes now Alberta's top killer: province

    Worse, cause of death is a kind of educated guess, anyway, which is probably why verbal autopsies are performed routinely without any need to even see the deceased. So if they're allowed to guess and they still don't have enough confidence to put something down besides 'unknown', they must really be lost.

    It's OK not to know everything and be doing your best. It's OK that humans are limited. What's not OK is when we are ordered to follow physician advice as though infallible.

  31. FACT: Conventional medicine's knowledge and products are heavily based on cruel animal experiments.

    These experiments are kept out of public view, and public mind as much as possible, but they are often hellish for the animals involved, and show a callous disdain for the other creatures we share our planet with.

    This kind of research is touted as saving lives, but that's not true when animal life is included, and dubious when human life is included. It's just been too easy to get the Public to condone of torturing animals if they think there's a benefit, even if there isn't really. Example article: The Flaws and Human Harms of Animal Experimentation

    There is not even any requirement that the knowledge being pursued is actually worthwhile before sacrificing animals for it. That's how callous this abuse is.

    If the animal trial fails against incentive, scientists can say that it's because animals are different from humans. If the animal trial succeeds for incentive, scientists can say that it supports an expectation of the result in humans.

    No matter the intelligent-sounding arguments for supposed benefits from animal experimentation, the spiritual law (which dominates the physical world) of sowing and reaping simply will not allow products and treatments derived from cruelty to come to good. These products are cursed because of the cruelty used to develop/approve/manufacture them.

  32. FACT: There is no practical incentive for physicians to report vaccine harms.

  33. This is because:

    1. A diagnosis like that normally cannot be proven, and not even supported by a lab test, which is always a vulnerable position for a physician to be in. Vaccines act at a molecular level on individual cells, often in unpredictable ways, and there's no test for vaccine harms with the technology we have deployed today.

      On the other hand, because it cannot be proven this can be used as a defense you can use on the extremely unlikely chance that anyone asks why you didn't report it.

    2. A diagnosis like that puts you against Government, pharmaceutical giants, insurance companies, your medical college, your hospital, your medical staff, and maybe even your own work, all of which are typically heavy promoters of vaccination. Why bother? You need to work with these people, and not only your paycheque but your license depend on their permission.

    3. A diagnosis like that doesn't clearly benefit the patient, as it's difficult to understand how they can sue for compensation without proving the link to the vaccine, and it's difficult to understand how this might change treatment since the vaccine cannot be reversed. The easiest thing to do is treat what's in front of you and not ask why it's there.

    4. A diagnosis like that primes your patient to look for someone to sue and their lawyer to think up an argument why. They might not care who they sue so long as they think they can win. Since you are involved, that's probably not a firework you want to light up. Even just being called as a witness could be a great inconvenience for you.

    5. A diagnosis like that can make other patients nervous about the vaccine if they find out: both those who had it and those who are considering it. You won't talk but your patient might. The story might even get out to the Media.

    6. It takes time to fill out and submit the paperwork to report the harm and there's no payment for that.

    Maybe that's why so many sudden deaths are being blamed on Anything But Vaccines (ABV): Beware: ABV disease (Anything But Vaccines) is causing people to DROP DEAD everywhere

    A medical system which treats harms as related to the vaccine until proven otherwise (instead of mere coincidences until proven otherwise), autopsies which can detect vaccine harm, and incentives for medical professionals for reporting suspected harms would have all been better to protect the Public's health than a system which has many practical discouragements to report vaccine harms.

  34. FACT: Vaccine worship (eg. trust, loyalty) is an unwritten requirement for a profession in conventional medicine.

  35. There are enough examples of physicians being disciplined for vaccine criticism to draw the conclusions that vaccines are not permitted to be criticized, as though they are a god.

    Overall example article October 03, 2022: STUDY: Doctors skeptical of vaccine safety face suppression, discrimination across medical field

    Specifically in the COVID-19 crisis, many physicians were disciplined for opposing the official pro-COVID-vaccine narrative, for which example news articles are:

    1. Meet the Doctors Who Were Punished or Threatened for Questioning the COVID Vaccines

    2. Bill Seeks to Muzzle Doctors Who Tell the Truth About COVID

    3. Ontario doctor suspended for spreading COVID ‘misinformation,’ warning about jab dangers

    4. Doctor With Contrarian Views on Pandemic Policy Approach Gets Licence Suspended

    5. UK doctors who question vaccines, lockdowns could lose careers under new medical council proposals

    6. Physician in Ontario, Canada, being stripped of her medical license for opposing COVID vaccines.

    7. Texas doctor suspended for spreading 'misinformation' about Covid-19 submits resignation letter

    8. Biden poised to ROUND UP anti-vaccine doctors and force them into insane asylums

    9. Maine Doctor Ordered to Undergo Psych Evaluation for Prescribing Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine

    10. Column: A warning to doctors — spreading COVID misinformation could cost you your license

    11. ​Physicians who post COVID-19 vaccine misinformation may lose license, medical panel says

    12. Doctor loses license, must have psych evaluation for COVID falsehoods, board says

    13. Ontario Health Minister calls for “immediate censorship of doctors” … medical totalitarianism rolling out fast

  36. FACT: Only another physician may challenge the practice of a physician.

    They're immune to criticism from outside the profession, even if people are dying from their treatments.

    The incentive is to stick together to be immune to outside attack.

  37. FACT: Conventional medicine does harm deliberately.

  38. Conventional medicine is based on Machiavellian philosophy. It is willing to harm and kill, even healthy people, and destroy healthy tissue, so long as most people are expected to benefit. Machiavellian philosophy is how they can justify promoting pharmaceuticals and surgery to the Public which they know a minority of people will not survive: whether due to side effects, inherent risks of anaesthesia, or something else. The attitude is that if something is a 'rare' adverse effect, even if it's death, it is acceptable, and that they only need to shift those risks onto the Public in the consent process, rather than seriously considering not harming anyone. This is why, for example, the COVID-19 vaccination program was not stopped no matter the harms reported following it. Some examples:

    Furthermore the Machiavellian philosophy is used in the extensive animal research used in development of drugs and treatments: these animals endure certain suffering and death in confined conditions, which is justified on the excuse that humanity will reap a greater benefit, whether we actually do or not.

    This is not 'do no harm' medicine.

  39. FACT: Conventional medicine is more governed by politics than science.

  40. Diagnoses generally don't need to be proven, but only be defensible in the current medical culture and political climate. In court, only a physician may challenge another physician; a physician's legal safety is usually found in staying in agreement with the medical herd. For example, in the COVID-19 crisis, any criticism of the pro-vaccine narrative by medical professionals was usually disciplined, no matter how factual, but diagnosing patients as COVID-19 positive, even without any test, was accepted, to the point that cold & flu diagnoses (whose symptoms are similar) almost disappeared in 2020.

    In such an approach, not only are politically promoted conditions likely to be overdiagnosed, but rare conditions or those with no direct test, especially if politicially incorrect, are at tremendous danger of being misdiagnosed as something more common or accepted. For example, vaccine harms are very difficult to prove with a test, especially when the technology of the vaccine exceeds the technology of testing, and especially when blaming vaccines goes strongly against the current medical industry culture: the risk of misdiagnosis of a vaccine harm is very high due to politics.

  41. FACT: Misdiagnosis is a real problem and it can kill.

  42. This idea that the physician always knows best and is always competent is naive. Anyone can make mistakes, and a high education doesn't negate that.

    There are many obstacles for patients to detect and evidence misdiagnosis, including: diagnoses are usually given only verbally to patients, charts and test results are not usually accessible to the patient, and it takes another physician to detect it and be willing to challenge the first one for no benefit in return and possible professional reprisals.

    The reality of the possibility of misdiagnosis is one reason why patients and families need to have the right to question what they are told and freedom to obtain a second opinion without reprisals, and even to refuse treatment, not as merely wrong choices they have the freedom to make, but as a potentially right choices for their health. For example,

    Article December 20, 2022: Federal report: 250,000 Americans DIE every year after being MISDIAGNOSED in emergency rooms

  43. FACT: There are branches of conventional medicine where physicians are permitted to make paient health much worse yet portray that as an improvement:

    1. Pharmacology

      All drugs have side effects, some of them lethal. It is no small matter, because prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death in the United States and Europe: Our prescription drugs kill us in large numbers.

      The basic premise of pharmacology is the belief that the human body is fundamentally flawed and needs human-engineered biochemical supports, ie. pharmaceuticals, to function effectively.

      Of course, the belief is false: the human body is not designed to work with synthetic chemicals and concoctions which never exited in nature. Furthermore the body has amazing immune and healing ability which works well without human intervention most of the time, and many natural factors are known, in lifestyle and in the environment, which can boost the function of these systems much more. It would seem more efficient to simply support these systems where needed, with natural means unless impossible, rather than try to replace or permanently alter them.

    2. Virology is a charlatan medical profession which portrays imaginary unproven causes of disease as facts (and then tries to treat them based on these fantasies).

      Virology is a fraud which is not based on a scientific method. Contagious disease causing particles have never been proven to exist. Supporting resources:

      1. July 29, 2022: The vast majority of pharmacology, psychiatry, vaccine science and published research is a complete fraud


      3. Virology in 5 seconds

      4. Church Of Virology

      5. Virology Is FRAUD SCIENCE - Viruses DO NOT EXIST

      6. Germ Theory Is Pseudoscience w/ John Blaid

      7. Virology on Trial

      8. Virology on Trial Part 2 / VIROLOGY ON TRIAL Drs Cowan, Kaufman & Lanka Debunk Viral Theory_ You Decide!


      Viruses do exist but are not contageous and are produced by the body itself as part of its own internal cleanup mechanism. As opposed to germ theory, this is cellular terrain theory; a video here: “TERRAIN” -The Film. As profound as this is, one clear proof is the widely accepted fact that human dna is known to be 8% viral DNA. This suggests that viruses arise from our own cells: or else why else would our bodies keep it?. Example articles:

    3. As for virus tests, they are not actually calibrated to a virus and should not matter: no matter what their results are.

      Virology being a charlatan profession would explain why the health recommendations and assurances of virologists have kept dramatically changing towards even the same disease: for example, whether they choose to recommend masks this month or not. Perhaps if you ask a liar the same question at different times they give you different lies.

      Why bother to lie and scare the public about the existence of contageous viruses? Virology is nothing more than an intelligent-sounding method for trusted authorities to stoke fear in the hearts of the Public as a tool to sell products, services, and/or human rights forfeitures, to which it is always closely related. For example, in the COVID-19 crisis, virologists, with mainstream media support, were able to so create so much fear in the Public that we not only accepted a gene therapy injection, but demanded it, with public money at literally any price, and demanded the suspension of human rights for everyone, particularly in mandating anyone who didn't already accept the vaccine to accept it.

      Virologists have a tendency to give treatments following which the problem only gets worse, but this is usually overlooked due to trust in physicians and panic of the disease. For example, the AIDS drug AZT has been reported to actually cause immunosufficiency, and after the COVID-19 vaccines were accepted by the majority, the result was not the promised end to that pandemic, but COVID-19 variants and waves only exploded there:

      1. April 06, 2022: CDC: The most-vaccinated US counties also have the most COVID cases

      2. March 29, 2022: ‘100 Percent’ Vaccinated Cruise Ship Hit With COVID-19 Outbreak

      3. March 28, 2022: Data: Canada and Israel are suffering from a pandemic of the fully vaccinated

      4. Chile sees Covid surge despite vaccination success

      5. Article: Ireland: Two Counties With 99.7% and 98%+ ‘Fully Vaccinated’ See Massive Covid ‘Outbreaks’

      6. Video: Israel Study May Prove This Is a Pandemic of the VACCINATED Covid-19 Ben Swann;
        and this video: Situation Update, Jan 21, 2022 - After draconian MASKS, JABS and vaccine PASSPORTS, Israel's covid cases go PARABOLIC

    4. Psychiatry: this is another harmful charlatan profession. Example video: Psychiatry: An Industry of Death By CCHR (2006)

    5. Obstetrics: this profession actually KILLS pre-born children in many regions if he mother requests it. Someone might say that the pre-born child, or human fetus, is not the 'patient'. Actually the child should be, not only by being human but because in obstetrics there are normally two patients considered: mother and child. It's only if the mother wants an abortion that the child suddenly is considered a non-patient, and this is morally wrong.

    6. Oncology: This is another medical profession which typically harms as it pretends to heal. Its tools are destructive, including: chemotherapy, destructive radiation, and destructive surgery. There seems no limit to what bodyparts these physicians are willing to destroy in the fear of cancer, nothing being sacred, removing not only cancerous tissue but often other tissue (such as lymph nodes), even if perfectly healthy, as a 'precaution'.

      Maybe they understand how harmful it is: Most physicians refuse chemotherapy for themselves

      This doesn't mean patients aren't grateful, because they are told the cancer will kill them and the oncologist is simply doing 'all they can' to save the person's life. The vulnerability, however, is that the entire story is generally from the oncologist's mouth to frame however they want.

      Oncology may be unique in medical professions in that, unlike the others, which downplay the ability of the body to heal itself, oncology doesn't seem to recognize any chance that the body can heal itself (of cancer) at all, nevermind try to support that process. The premise is that if you have cancer you need one of these destructive treatments to stop it or you will certainly die and the longer you wait the chance of beating the cancer vanishes progressively. Facing an apparent certainty of death and extreme urgency to avoid it, and provided with no other option, most patients will allow the surgeon even to cut out half of their brain, or any appendage or organ, with tremendously life-changing effects which will often make them heavily dependent on medical care and devices for the rest of their lives.

      Often more bodyparts are removed than the main target as a 'precaution'. Some people literally only find this out when they wake up after surgery.

      It is disburbing to consider what kind of a person would perform such destruction of a living human body, and if they are just too limited in their knowledge or if they actually enjoy butchering people alive, and leaving the patient to somehow live with whatever bodyparts they are allowed to keep. It stands to reason that a compassionate person would not accept leaving someone with such a low quality of life but insist on approaches which do no harm.

      If facing a decision of cancer surgery, it's critical to get a second opinion from an entirely independent physician, or at the very least see a copy of the indicative lab results yourself. A case was related to this author of a woman who was told to get a hysterectomy due to cancer, and she did, and suffered irreversibly, and lost her husband, only to find out later, when the chart fell into the hands of another physician, that the surgery was marked as elective and no mention of any cancer.

  44. FACT: Pharmaceutical medications often use controversial development or ingredients which are not obvious to the consumer.

  45. These can have serious moral or medical implications for the patient and should be made clear. For example:

  46. FACT: Trust in the advice of medical experts lead us to accept dictatorship and fundamental human rights suspensions which we otherwise would not.

  47. This was/is the basic idea of the COVID-19 crisis. Medical recommendation is now a well-proven excuse to get humanity to accept literally anything rather than allow the religious trust in conventional medicine to endure criticism.

  48. FACT: Trust in Conventional Medicine is Literally Destroying Humanity Biologically and Politically

  49. Over recent centuries, society has developed a blind trust in democratic Government and conventional medicine, as though anyone who was suspicious of either one was considered paranoid.

    Unfortunately, even if you really are paranoid, it doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

    The fact is that medicine is for profit and Government is for control and both have tremendous incentive, from their design, to exploit the Public. They might not, if their internal morality overrides the temptations of the design, but the Public should always be wary. Furthermore, trust of anyone but God is not logical (on the premise that only God is infallible), and as for trusting science: trusting a scientist to tell you the whole truth is not science but faith.

    By this foolish trust of society, since the COVID-19 crisis it has become clear that medical excuse, supported by the word of Government-appointed medical experts, has become the excuse of choice for Governments worldwide to suspend any human rights they deem fit for as long as they deem fit. On this excuse, Governments ordering places of worship to close and order people to take dangerous medical treatments at their own risk has already happened. As these treatments were often genetic, mass artificial genetic manipulation of humanity has happened. Many have died suddenly, many more have their lives shortened, the risk of infertility is an existential threat, and we will probably never be able to undo the changes in humanity's gene pool. Worse, due to majority acceptance of not only these 'vaccines' but mandates to go with them, more and more vaccines are in development and acceptance expected. Furthermore world governments are at work to join through the World Health Organization (WHO) to create a global pandemic treaty which would override all national concepts of human rights, and allow the WHO centralized control of the nations, if it decides to declare a pandemic. It is because of excessive Public trust in the profession of medicine that humanity may be completely enslaved, and more likely completely extinct, by the time this political-medical tyranny is finished, if it is not immediately stopped.

CLEARSIGHT: How to understand this issue correctly in 5 seconds starting with only a conventional understanding:

  1. Picture everything that conventional medicine is.

  2. Now subtract any allusions about any motive except profit.

  3. Now you understand the conventional medicine industry.

  4. If this wasn't the case, then:

    1. How come vaccine manufacturers protected from liabiltiy for harms it may cause? Do you know any other manufacturers who the Government protects with such immunity for their own products? Is it reasonable that the patient, who is not expected to understand medicine, should solely bear the risks of a concoction they didn't make and don't understand?

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