Legality is not Morality

Last Update: 3 May, 2022

What the Issue is:

How this is a Threat:

In theory, the Law is, at best, a generalised one-rule-fits-all-situations rule which is supposed to bound social behaviour along moral and safety lines, on a perception of absolute truth, which society is punished for breaking.

Yet also in theory, it is extremely difficult to word one Law which supports morality or safety in all situations, such that following the rule of Law can serve immorality and danger in certain situations.

Worse, although the Law should be an attempt to guard morality and safety in society, in practice it is really only a behavioral order from whoever is in charge for everyone else. It might be evil dressed up as some kind of good, it might seem necessary based on a lie, or it might just be evil without any attempt to justify it. Whether morally good or evil, the Law is just as enforceable.

Where law supports morality, a law abiding citizen is a morally righteous person, and an outlaw is a morally bad person. However the more corrupt our leaders and their laws become, a law abiding citizen can actually be a horribly immoral person (example Adolf Hitler), while an outlaw can actually be someone of superior morality (such as Robin Hood).

Unfortunately, people blind to the difference between legality and morality, or who cannot or will not distinguish truth from lies on what some laws are based on, might find themselves helping to enforce laws which actually support evil rather than good. Such is the case, for example, with citizens accusing other citizens of not following COVID social restrictions, some of which were obviously medical nonsense, to those who dared to think, such as the law that all non-medical-professionals must all wear strictly non-medical face masks in public, supposedly to protect us from the COVID-19-causing virus: under this nonsense rule, both people who refused to wear masks at all (for human rights' sake), and those who who used medical-grade masks at their own cost (masks which could actually filter out the virus), were persecuted by other people and law enforcement officers because the order (with the exception of medical professionals on duty) was to wear only masks physically incapable of filtering out the virus. Who was in the moral right?

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Why We Should have Realized this was Wrong:

How/When It's Been Happening:

What We Can Do About It:

Those whose job it is to enforce the Law should not enforce it where enforcing that law at all, or that law in a certain situation, would support evil.

Voters should be politically active to ensure that laws which work against evil, such as to protect evildoing as a right, are not permitted to exist.

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