Death from Above

Last Update: 10 December, 2023

What this Issue is About:

This issue is about human attempts to deliberately change the Earth's climate through artificial means.

Why it's done:

We speculate:

  1. The desire to control the weather for civic, industrial, and military purposes

  2. As a supposed remedy for that thing called 'climate change'

  3. Maybe just to play god

What the Threat Is:

In tampering with something all life on earth depends on, we risk all life on earth.

Most first and most obvious threat is that spraying the air with tiny metalllic particulates is certainly going to be inhaled and is certainly going to contaminate rainwater and soil. What are the effects?

When we consider the effects of what is being done, weather disasters have been linked to geoengineering, and recent drought / flood / heat / cold crises may well be.

It can be used as a black ops (deniable) weapon, and this may be its main purpose.

Also even the most benevolent alteration of a nation's own weather might have devastating consequences for nearby regions. Example article: China’s geoengineering push dangerous for the region


As the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines show, governments love doing bad things without taking responsibility. They have an incentive to develop weapons systems which are easy to avoid blame for using, such as weather warfare.


Typs of Geoengineering:

  1. Stratospheric Aerosol Injection: spraying the air with particles for a variety of purposes, the main one seeming to be weather modification. It's normally done with jet aircraft at high altitude, and the spray nozzles are often designed to be in-line with the engines to support their cover story that they are only condensations trails, rather than chemical trails ('chemtrails', for short), behind the aircraft. Condensation trails ('contrails') do exist, but chemtrails tend to persist far longer, and there are many evidences besides that. Example articles:

  2. There's plenty of evidence and some public admission, just not mainstream news emphasis. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in a still-available 2017 article, over 50 countries have weather modification programs, and their official publication entitled, WMO Statement on Weather Modification in 2015, says the same (then they try to tell you the strange weather is due to 'climate change'). Other articles include:

  3. It's also easy to see the large plumes of white material in the wake of some airplanes, often larger than the planes themselves, and sometimes this plume abruptly starts and stops mid-flight. Mockers say it is jet exhaust but they woudl not turn the engines off mid-flight, jet turbofan engines are designed to use very little fuel, and these engines rarely produce visible exhaust.

    Effects on the ground are vague but noticable in terms of magnetic dust on cars sitting outside, aluminum foundin rainwater, and disappearance of most bees.

    Most Striking Evidence that this is Real:

    The most striking evidence that this is real is watching the trail abruptly start or stop following jets in mid-flight. There is no way they would switch their engines on an off like that: it would be nearly suicide and for no purpose: remember, the official narrative is that pilots are not doing this consciously.

    Some excellent video clips include:

    1. Undeniable Footage Of Jet Aircraft Spraying ( Dane Wigington )

    2. Irrefutable Film Footage Of Climate Engineering Aerosol Spraying ( )

    3. Smoking Gun Proof Of Atmospheric Spraying ( Dane Wigington )

    Personally Accessible Evidence:

    In the Autumn, if you go to rake leaves which you've never sprayed with any chemical, you might notice a faint but definite chemical smell to them.

    If you leave your car outside on clear days, for a number of days, you might notice magnetic dust collecting.

  4. Solar Radiation Management (SRM): trying to blot out the sun. Example articles:

  5. Oceanic Engineering: Tinkering with ocean chemistry to try to remedy one chemical problem (such as acidity) with another chemial (such as iron).

An example article on the last two is: Reversing Climate Change with Geoengineering

How long has this been going on?

At least since 1916. Article: November 01, 2022: Controlling the weather has been possible since at least 1916, evidence shows

Is this legal?

Yes, it seems to be, based on some very quiet (little discussed) laws. Example article January 29, 2015 : US Law Allowing ‘Chemtrailing’ passed in 1997 | PUBLIC LAW 105—85—NOV. 18, 1997: Use of Human Subjects for Testing of Chemical and Biological Agents

News Updates:

  1. October 12, 2022: US government has ability to manipulate hurricanes, 50-year-old documentation shows


  3. 2 September, 2022: Dane Wigington and Mike Adams decode the geoengineering DEATH VECTORS for global genocide

  4. Chemtrails, 5G, COVID & the new world order ~ 7th April 2022

Resource websites on this topic:

  1. Geoengineering Watch


Resources to Take Action:

  1.'s political letter page

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