The GAP:
Holding the Line

Last Update: 5 June, 2022

What this Issue is:

In trying to do good by spreading truth, you may be disappointed at the results. Until belief systems change from being complacent, and our culture changes from individual selfishness, most people don't see any reason to do anything for the common good, and some believe that the world is prophesied to slide to evil so no point resisting it.

Don't expect them to care about the truth no matter the evidence the evidence.

You may reach an emotional bottom seeing just how little they care.

You may be tempted to leave and go live in a cave and leave them to reap what they've sown.

Unfortunately, the battle doesn't work like that. The compacency of the many leaves a great lack of resistance to evil. Rather than simply walking away in disgust at that attitude, you must realize that the few who are willing to resist evil need to stand in the void as a last line of defense. Why? The lives of many innocents hang in the balance, and you, the willing to oppose evil, are their last hope. If you walk away, they have no one to defend them, and being defended by few is better than being defended by no one.

Excamples of this happening and/or Evidence that this is real:

  1. Democratic elections in general, where the manjority sometimes can't be bothered to vote at all, and when they do vote, they consistently vote for instant self-gratifications (such as handouts on deficit spending) and no defense of the unborn, environment, animals, or future generations, just to name a few issues.

  2. Where the majority, after accepting the COVID-19 vaccine at their completely free choice, supported a shift in policy to make it mandatory for everyone else: insisting on choice for them but not for the minority.

  3. Majority of friends and family who won't even allow you a moment to present truth on evidence that you've discovered, but they don't ignore GOvernment or mainstream news.

  4. Majority of religious organizations which teach lessons on morality every week but say nothing about the truth or right path on current events.

  5. Majority of politicians doing only the will of their party, and never the will of their constituents unless the party allows it.

What the Threat Is:

The threat to the cause of good is both tremendous abandonment of the majority from opposing evil (rather they've tended to support it as the most easy way), as well as tempting the few who remain to become despondent.

What the Best Solution Is:

  1. Don't allow your activism to depend totally on action of other people you try to rally. They are not reliable and must not be allowed to entirely determine if your work comes to any good result or not. Divide your time between spreading truth and direct action (including prayer for example).

  2. Recognize that the more people won't help the more you need to act yourself, as the last line of defense.

  3. Recognize that you're not alone: you have God and there are still some others who will fight the good fight with you.

  4. Notice those already fighting the good fight on each issue. Supporting them is usually the easiest way to get yourself involved in action rather than waiting on other people.

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