Forced Organ Harvesting:
Politically Accepted Binding, Torturing, and Killing of Humans by Government

Last Update: 7 October, 2023

What is this Issue Concerning?

This is about organs being taken from people forceably, for sale to those who want them, from unwilling donors, usually while they are still alive and often without even anaesthetic. These people are cut up alive and conscious. Even worse, they are usually political prisoners of conscience who have done no wrong to be in that situation.

This is a horrible atrocity which should absolutely not be tolerated in humanity!

How Has this Been Allowed to Continue?

There is a profit incentive: organs are in demand (often, but not always, by those who recklessly destroyed the organs they had) and they are difficult to obtain as fresh or in such quantities from random accidents as from planned execution of prisoners.

Most known forced organ harvesting is happening in China. China's government is effectively a dictatorship, apparently with no one influential and compassionate enough within that leadership to stop it. As for influences outside of China, although there are investigators working to expose the problem, generally foreign governments and corporations (including news media corporations) seem to want to keep China's favour: to prevent offending the Chinese government and risking disruption to their economic ties to China.

What are the moral failures supporting this threat?

  1. The notion that what is kept out of sight of consumers is somehow also out of consuemr responsibility, even if logically obvious that it is happening. In the case of forced organ harvesting, that it's somehow OK not to think about where and how the products you demand are procured: not even if it means someone will certainly be executed to supply them. Specifically, with surgeries often scheduled weeks in advance, and organs only able to survive outside of a body for much less than a day, this system requires people to be killed on demand to supply the organs immediately.

  2. The notion that profit justifies anything, ie. cannibal captialism, even if it means cutting people up without anaethetic to steal their organs for your sale.

  3. The notion that it's wise to suppress knowledge of atrocities if it protects your business interests.

  4. The notion that anything legal, or otherwise done by Government, is somehow moral.

  5. The notion that humans are a product to harvest.

  6. The notion that victims of government execution have no right to anaesthetic.

What are the truths we need to understand this issue correctly?

  1. Someone else's organs are not yours to take.

  2. No one should be cut open without anaesthetic.

  3. No one should be imprisoned for practicing a peaceful religion.

  4. It should be more important to protect innocent life, and expose this crime, than any personal or economic benefit.

  5. If you won't at least object to this practice as wrong, you don't need to ask yourself if you would have done something to help Jews under the Nazi regime. You wouldn't have. Don't expect a medal.

  6. Anyone who would cooperate with this on any level, including taking any measures to suppress the story, is guilty of a moral crime against humanity.

Is this Threat related to Any Other?


  1. It is similar to the issues of Animal Exploitation in that consumers in both cases usually don't care about the harm to the being who is the source of the products they are demanding, even though it is a certainty from their demand, as long as it is kept out of view.

  2. It seems to use positivity to whitewash the deed: that by refusing to think bad thoughts about the deed, it somehow becomes good.

  3. As an advanced concept, the torture and murder, of harvesting organs from someone against their will and fully conscious, may support negative spiritual beings who feed off of this energy. As unlikely an influence it may sound at first, because these beings are thought to influence global control at the highest levels, it may actually be one of the biggest reasons this practice continues and is performed in such a barbaric manner (it wouldn't have cost them any significant money to use anaesthetic and would make it easier for surgeons to use it rather than have to listen to the screams of the person they are cutting into).



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