How to Fix Our World:
The Way is Clear

Last Update: 2 September, 2022

  1. Seek and stop all cruelty however hidden.

    There is tremendous cruelty in our world, mostly hidden from public view, including in such areas as: abbatoirs, anial experimentation facilities, fur farms, circuses, prisons, retirement homes, and abortion clinics.

    Stopping the cruelty, however hidden it is, is critical to removing the dark spiritual cloud of social responsibility it generates.

  2. Seek and aid innocents in need.

  3. Manage public resources for maximum life support

    instead of, for example, military.
  4. Institute far more effective pollution mitigation systems.

    For example, little is done to treat wastewater except remove clumps and kill bacteria, but nothing to remove its chemicals. Also, although individuals are usually severely penalised for pollution, Government is often lax with industrial and Government pollution.

  5. Protect habitat for animals.

    We share this planet with them. They should be allowed somewhere to live.

  6. Adopt a vegan diet for humanity.

    This would go a long way towards saving our health, animals, and our planet. For example, it takes a ridiculous amount of fresh water to produce one pound of beef.

  7. Pray.

    God's help is the best help, and a relationship with God is an eternal wellspring of life.

  8. Reform Democracy.

    Move from representative to more direct forms of policy decision, and encourage people to actually learn the issues they're deciding on, and most of all, to not sacrifice human rights for any threat. Institute a new office: a minister of animals (as proposed by Dr. Vernon Coleman).

  9. Restrain science within moral bounds

    before it kills us all.
  10. Include the Creator in our assessment of what is moral treatment of all parties.

  11. Reinstate natural medicine as the primary form of medicine

  12. Dismantle all nuclear weapons.

  13. Use only money which has intrinsic value.

    This avoids the inevitable financial collapse of fiat currency.

  14. Disallow fractional reserve banking.

    If anyone has the power to create money which does not correspond to intrinsic value, only the Government should have that power, so that the process benefits the Public. It should not rest in the hands of private banks.

  15. Protect freedom of expression.

    Everyone should have the right to express their opinion, no matter how it threatens the establishment or its narrative. This is so that new improved ideas have a fair chance to challenge and defeat old flawed ones, and so that deception can be exposed as soon as possible.

  16. Support Good Leaders and Good Initiatives.

    Don't expect the Government to do it; it's up to you.

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