Evil Spirits:
Our Spiritual Enemies

Last Update: 17 February, 2024

Topic: What is this Issue Concerning?

This issue is about the non-human beings originally from higher realms which are not aligned with God the Supreme Creator, and who tend to function as our spiritual enemies seeking our destruction or enslavement.

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Importance: Why You Should Care

This is an issue which can affect people up to and including physical death, moreover spiritual death, and can reach anyone regardless of their physical location, material wealth, or physical defenses. Not maintaining a basic defense on this issue is hazardous.

Prejudice on this Issue:

There is an attitude that neither God nor demons exist but are imaginations of weak-minded people. In reality, those who refuse to recognize the spiritual level of existence are greatly narrowing their perception of existence and are more likely to be weak-minded than those who are able to consider this realm.

Once you recognize the spiritual realm, it is not difficult to recognize beings who may exist there primarily, and that some of them might not be good-intentioned.

What the Threat Is:

  • Direct harm from demonic attack, which can be spiritual, emotional, or physical.

  • Demonic harassment in ways which are not directly harmful, but are unwanted, typically impossible to physically block, and typically impossible to stop by your own power alone.

  • Misleading of your beliefs into error. Demons tend to enjoy leading humans astray, meaning away from God and absolute truth.

  • Misleading your choices away from God, to weakan and destroy you and everything you have influence over.

  • Influencing others through you because sometimes it's easier for a demon to harass a targetted person through someone else than directly.

  • Influencing our world leaders to destroy Society through influence at the top of centralized command systems.

  • Enslavement to demons which is their ultimate goal.

What the Misconceptions Are:

  • 'Demonic' experiences are always merely biological or psychological

  • Nope; there is a spiritual realm and the cause may lie there. Strange occurances need to be carefully scrutinized by people with understanding in biological, psychological, and spiritual phenomenon to have a reasonable chance to find at least in which realm the true cause lies.

  • Demons can only hurt you ife you believe in them

  • Nope; their existence and power does not dependent of your belief, although their ability to influence your life does depend on your decisions especially your relationship with God.

  • Ghosts are demons

  • Although the terms are used interchangeably in human culture, and a 'haunting' can involve either one, ghosts are not demons. Ghosts are the spirit of someone or something once living lingering in an area and may not be evil at all. Demons, never being alive in a physical body bestowed by God, and being in rebelliion against God, are evil by definition of this rebellion and tend to hate humanity in in varying degrees.

    An example of a ghost is a child who died who is reluctant to go to heaven for some reason and who lingers behind in an area the child is familiar with.

  • Demonic-themeed practices and entertainment are harmless

  • No they're not; the spriti-world doesn't care if you think it's a game or real. Any kind of inviting or participation with demons is extremely dangerous for opening a spiritual door through which they can influence your life, and perhaps that physical location.

    One example is the ouija board, which although sold as a child's game, is extremely spiritually dangeorus to opening such doorways. It is a foolish thing to open a danger into your own life just to satisfy your curiosity.

  • Humans have power over demons

  • Actually we have no direct power over demons, and this, combined with the fact that they are generally far more aware than us (being in vantage point of the spiritual realm), makes them extremely dangerous to us except for God's help. Only through God are we safe from demons.

  • It is fun to go looking for demons such as in haunted houses

  • It might seem fun until you actually enounter one and get possessed, killed, or otherwise not able to stop the harm you so recklessly plunged yourself into. There is a reason to be afraid of haunted places: your spirit might be trying to tell you something.

  • Demons should be driven out by other spirits

  • It is possible to drive some demons out with other ones, but really they tend to cooperate against humanity, and deliberately installing a more powerful demon tends to only make the problem much worse than a weaker demon you didn't deliberately put there.

    The way to get demons out with a happy ending is to use God to drive them out.

Evidence that this Problem is Real

(to be posted later)

What the False Solution Is and Why:

Once demonic harassment has begun:

  1. Ignoring them doesn't work if they have access to you, by definition of that access.

  2. Driving them out with more powerful demons only makes the situation more dangerous and deliberate and worse.

  3. Serving them doesn't help because they only want your enslavement, at best, and will not lead you to freedom.

  4. Seeking medical help with a spiritual problem is dangerous except safe only for legal reasons. Yes, some problems might be biological or psychological, and this possibility should be screened, but if the 'expert' won't allow acknowledgement of spiritual problems, that could put the patient in a vulnerable position and in conflict with the physician's beliefs. The physician might end up trying to force a square peg into a round hole just to try to show that their limited model of reality is correct, with potentially disastrous consequencs for you. When a problem might be physical, mental, or spiritual, you should be checked by someone who can recognize and assist or at least refer regarding problems on all of these levels as appropriate. For example, once people start floating off the bed, it's beyond the realm of physical medicine and that should be conceded.

What the Best Solution Is and Why:

The only permanent solution with a happy ending (for humans) in confronting demons is through God's help.

Parts to the Solution:

  1. Remove demon-linked things and activities from your life.

    Demoic artwork, movies, music, and anything else linked to demons should go. This is usually the first thing you should do. These things can themselves be cursed doorways, and your acceptance of them is a sin which only establishes these doorways.

  2. Check your life for sin and repent of it

    If demons are harassing you, one reason is that there is a door of sin in your life which repentance of can close.

  3. Generally try to improve your relationship with God.

  4. Consider if you are doing something holy to make the demons angry and keep doing it.

    They won't have increased access into your life if you are doing a good work, but they may have increased interest to access your life, to stop you. When doing good work, it's often one of the sacrifices to endure this attack. Don't let that stop you.

  5. Consider if other people attacking you might be directed by demons.

    If you are doing good work for humanity and God, typically a demon would find it much easier to find other people to influence against you than try to influence you directly. Reasons to suspect this include:

    1. Attackers have no logical reason to attack you.

    2. At the time you're being harassed, you're doing something good for God: if not in that moment, at least with your life generally.

    3. People attacking you tend to attack or lead you away from your good work most of all.

    4. When they offer you help with a problem, they tend to only offer a kind of help which would require you to give up or greatly compromise your good work. This 'help' then becomes no help at all, but rather temptation to quit.

    5. Unrelated attackers using the same words against you, especially when those words are particularly painful.

    6. Attackers tending to be the least spiritually strong and holy people you know. In fact, ensuring that your close relations and partners are spiritually good is a major defense for you.

  6. Erect physical implements of a divine nature which discourage demons.

    The more divine you make your surrounding environment, the more demons can't be there. This isn't the strongest or fastest defense, but it's the most passive one, which can be a big help if you are exhausted or resting. Options include:

    1. Playing Christian (with lyrics) worship music.

    2. Post a picture of the Holy Face which Jesus left on the Shroud of Turin for us.

    3. Post an image of the reverse of the St. Bendict medal. This medal has inscriptions which form a written prayer of exorcism. Read more about it here.

  7. Invoke the authority of Christ by name.

    Through His name, Christians have strong defensive power over all demons. By His name, you can literally tell them to leave you alone.

    Beware that non-Christians don't have the right to invoke His name and it won't go well if they do.

  8. "[13] Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth.
    [14]And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so.
    [15]And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye? [16] And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded."
    (Holy Bible, KJV, Acts 19:13-16)
  9. Otherwise leave demons alone.

    If you don't need to interfere with demons, to defend yourself or someone else, don't. Your power over them through Christ doesn't give you the right to harass or even mock them. Otherwise you are playing with fire.

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