Premature Escapism:
A Desertion of Duty

Last Update: 22 May, 2022

What the Issue is:

Our society promotes indulgence in distractions from your purpose in life as a good thing.

Speculation on Why this is done:

Examples of How It's Been Happening:

Movie theatres promoting themselves as a great place to 'escape'.

Professional sports promoted with dedicated newscast time and great enthusiasm, as though at least as important as any other issue.

What the Threat is:

It distracts good people from action when evil people advance their agenda, leaving evil people and their agendas to win by the absence of good people on the issue.

When silly entertainment is widely and enthusiastically promoted when major issues are unsolved, it makes a mockery of those issues, by making it appear that there is nothing more important for society to focus on than the silliness.

What the Truth is:

Escape has a place when your work is done, but not before that. Responsible people would agree with this.

What the Public is missing is that your concept of 'your work' should include not only your job and paying your bills, but order in your family and your society.

In other words, if there are major wrongs in your society that you can and have a reasonable civic or humanitarian duty to do something about, it's wrong to indulge in distractions before either that problem is solved or you've done all you can about it for the moment and need to recuperate.

Evidence of the Truth:

Why We Should have Realized this was Wrong:

What We Can Do About It:

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