Electromagnetic Radiation:
An Invisible Danger

Last Update: 6 December, 2023

What this Issue is:

Wireless devices have been widely accepted worldwide, and increasingly so, with more and more transmitters being incorporated into home, work, and outdoor environments, often at close range to people, including: cellphones, cordless phones, WiFi routers, SMART utility meters, and the towers they transpond to, which are often placed on tops of residences including apartment buildings and hotels.

Electromagnetic radiation penetrates through the entire environment, and is most concentrated around the transmitters of this radiation. They interact with everything the pass through or else they couldn't pass through it: because they are a wave in something rather than a something.

What is the effect on the environment, especially human and animal health? Should we adopt unlimited wireless use or balance applications for risk and reward?

Where is it being done:

Virtually everywhere on Earth now, but especially in cities, where users are most concentrated.

What the Threat Is:

Wireless devices work by electromagnetic radiation release and reception, and there are limits to safe exposure to that radiation, but in practice offiical are not regulating the aggregate exposure of radiation to the public, which are only encouraged by industry to use wireless technology as much as possible for sake of convenience without any sense of danger or tradeoff of benefits against any perceived harms.

The invisible silent threat of EMR from our electronics and their support towers is a background health stress which is invisible and almost never suspected or tested for.

There is virtually no one making sure the aggreggate EMR (called 'electrosmog') in the Public's living and work environments doesn't exceed safe levels. Rather new wireless towers, devices, and other implements seem added continually, with an apparent goal of turning each home into an array of wirelessly transmitting 'SMART' devices.

Even the warning on your cellphone's legal page typically discourages you from putting it to your head.

Worse, since EMR energy increases with frequency, and since 5G radiation is a higher frequency than previous consumer cellphone technologies, it is of great concern.

5G is potentially so dangerous, and so directable, that it might be a pervasive invisible-weapon system.

Evidence of the Truth:

  1. On the Risks of EMR Generally

  2. On the EMR danger from Cellphones:

  3. On 5G:

  4. This technology uses a higher frequency, which is a higher level of energy and therefore more potentially dangerous (frequency of EMR is the difference in danger between visible light and x-rays for example).

    It's worth noting, as revealed by Clay Clark in this video, that the term '5G' could be another way to describe the (occult) pentagram: 5 meaning penta, and 'G' in place of gram.

    Resources on learning about the dangers of 5G:

  5. A possible link between 5G towers and COVID-19: Many were wondering what health effects would happen when 5G was widely rolled out. It was approximately the same time as emergence of COVID-19.

Do 5G phones even have 5G chips? Video: no 5G chip in 5G phones.


Other Websites Warning of 5G Dangers:

What can you do?

  1. Turn off wireless devices while you sleep which are not needed to be on while you sleep. Or if not completely off, use airplane mode.

  2. Keep active wireless devices away from your sleep area. At least allow your body a chance to recuperate.

  3. Consider buying EMF-shielding clothing and/or bedding.

  4. Prefer not to live in multi-unit complexes.

  5. Prefer to build homes with shielded wiring.

  6. Prefer wired devices and communications where feasible.

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