Economic Failure:
Mismanagement Kills

Last Update: 30 September, 2023

What the Issue is:

This issue is about the collapse of the economy most of us depend on, including the supply of things we need to purchase, as well as the money system.

Why this Problem?

Reasons, in brief, include:

  1. Runaway Government deficit spending which is popular with voters because future generations, not the generation that benefits, would be burdend with it. Unfortunately it is inflationary and irresponsable.

  2. Fractional Reserve Banking, which balloons the money supply, and threatens hyperinflation, beyond deficit spending.

  3. A money system without intrinsic value, which makes eventual hyperinflation a certainty: eventually the value must be recognized as being nothing.

  4. Sanctions, which tend to hurt even the nations imposing them, in a global economy with many interdependencies.

  5. The Radical Environmental Movement, which is right in trying to go easy on the environment, and right in that better technologies exist for energies, but wrong to focus on supply of vital commodities first rather than obvious trash/sewage/heavy metal pollution first, and wrong to impose restrictions faster than our infrastructure is ready, creating shortages.

  6. Lockdown orders which force the stop of the economy by Government order.

  7. War, which is always promoted as necessary, but rarely is.

What the Threat is:

  1. Shortages:

    1. Drinking-Water Shortage:

    2. October 19, 2022: California reservoirs dropping fast; LA approaching ZERO DAY for water

    3. Food Scarcity:

    4. It's important to note that what might be higher prices for developed countries usually means famine in poorer countries.

      1. Sep 21, 2023: This Is The Worst Global Food Crisis In Modern History, And It Is About To Go To An Entirely New Level

      2. 4 Jan, 2023: Serbia issues grim prediction for 2023

      3. September 30, 2022: CHAOS all over the world: UN food chief describes “destabilization of nations” resulting from FAMINE

      4. 7 Sep, 2022: Moscow sounds alarm over Ukrainian grain deal

      5. September 13, 2022: Satellite imagery shows “agriculture wasteland” across the rice capital of California

      6. Food Scarcity Warning from Farmers

      7. Aug 11, 2022: Food Failure by Year's End: The Great Reset Plan to Starve Out Humanity Exposed

      8. May 01, 2022: BlackRock and Vanguard are taking over centralized food production technologies and will have near-total control over the future food supply in America

      9. May 20, 2022: “We are on the precipice” (of a global food crisis)

      10. May 19, 2022: Bank of England governor warns of coming “apocalyptic” global food shortage

      11. May 26, 2022: American ambassador to the UN: Global food crisis has reached “highest level of alarm” because of Russia

      12. May 21, 2022: A food insecurity expert predicts that there's only 10 weeks of wheat supplies left in the world as Russian invasion disrupts production

      13. April 25, 2022: The Midnight Sentinel: Food shortages are about to get worse

      14. 05/26/2022: South Sudan youth urged to focus on farming to alleviate food crisis

      15. 05/26/2022: The global “wheat war” is now underway: prepare accordingly

      16. 05/26/2022: Corn, soybean, wheat, oat planting in the US now far behind their five-year averages

      17. April 22, 2022: Pattern of fires striking food facilities across the USA suggests ARSON TEAMS are burning down America’s food production infrastructure

      18. Late May, 2022: YOU HAVE TEN WEEKS! - FOOD CRISIS

      19. 24 May, 2022: Wheat prices set record highs following India’s export ban

      20. 05/24/2022: Worldwide famine looms as Russia-Ukraine conflict drags on

      21. 05/23/2022: So it begins – Fights over food shortages have started in America: Just imagine the food riots when everything runs out

      22. August 25, 2022: Heatwaves and drought threaten autumn crops in China

      23. August 25, 2022: HALF of Germany’s 2022 harvest expected to fail due to drought

      24. August 22, 2022: MEGADROUGHT leaves Texas cattle raisers torn between selling now or holding on

      25. Aug 17, 2022: HUGE! 50% CROP FAILURE! - Leaked Documents WARN Of Famine! - Inflation SKYROCKETS!

      26. August 16, 2022: Potato prices surge as Idaho crop yields drop due to heatwave

      27. August 17, 2022: Corn collapse: Just 57% of US corn crop is in good or excellent condition

      28. August 15, 2022: A horrifying drought is causing widespread crop failures throughout the United States and Europe

      29. July 26, 2022: US crops, cattle herds at risk due to “intense heat and dry conditions”

      30. May 12, 2022: Possibility of poor wheat harvest in China increases fears of global food collapse

    5. Energy Scarcity:

    6. Although possible to be caused by external factors, this is usually caused by poor Government policies, sometimes so poor that they seem deliberate to disrupt energy supply:

      1. November 08, 2022: In the middle of a global energy crisis, Joe Biden promises to SHUT DOWN COAL PLANTS all across America

      2. October 26, 2022: Forget Gas Prices—Diesel Reveals the Real Crisis

      3. Oct. 14, 2022: Canadian home energy costs to spike by up to 100 per cent on average this winter: analyst

      4. October 14, 2022: DESPERATE MEASURES: Horse poop emerges as heating fuel alternative as Europeans face freezing winter without energy

      5. October 13, 2022: Europeans panic-buying firewood and stoves in desperate preparation for dark winter without electricity and gas

      6. 12 Oct, 2022: Gazprom CEO makes grim predictions for EU

      7. 7 Oct, 2022: EU nation raises red flag over energy price caps

      8. October 05, 2022: Winter gas shortage inevitable as Germans turn on the heat early due to September cold wave

      9. Sep 12, 2022: Swiss Social Media Abuzz Over 'Rat Out Your Neighbor' Energy Use Posters

      10. Sep 7, 2022: Europe could face ‘mandatory’ energy rationing if nations follow EU president’s action plan

      11. August 31, 2022: Indiana refinery fire leads to declaration of energy emergency, tightening supplies and rising prices

      12. 25 Aug, 2022: London mayor suggests Brits will starve and freeze this winter unless they take preparedness measures

      13. August 16, 2022: Germany says citizens who don’t enjoy freezing this winter are extremists

      14. 30 Aug 2022: Russian gas no longer flowing to France – energy rationing for the rest of Europe soon on the way

      15. 30 Aug, 2022: US oil reserves fall to 37-year low as Biden continues to export America’s oil to China

      16. 29 Aug, 2022: Belgian PM issues dire warning to citizens: Expect to endure hard winters for YEARS to come amid Europe’s collapsing energy infrastructure

      17. 28 Aug, 2022: ENERGY RATIONING BEGINS: Germany implementing energy rationing program amid fears of gas shortages and riots

      18. May 26, 2022: The collapse of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) supply will devastate the trucking industry, which supplies everything else: food, consumer goods, auto parts and more

    7. Fertilizer Shortage:

    8. Any restriction of fertilizer production or delivery threatens food production, because our crops dependon that fertilizer.

      Unfortunately, recently nitrogen has been portrayed, by propaganda, as an environment threat, despite it being a basic building block of all biological life, and ignoring many more obvious environmental poisons due to human activity which have no biological use such as mercury and microplastics.

      The attack on nitrogen is an attack on life.

      1. 29 Aug, 2022: One of the world’s largest fertilizer producers, Yara (in Norway), slashes production due to skyrocketing natural gas prices

      2. Jul 22, 2022: Putin Gives Crystal-Clear Breakdown Of What Created Food Crisis

      3. They’re Causing Food Shortages?!

      4. Revealed How YOU WILL BE FORCED into a FEMA Camp After SHTF

      5. May 31, 2022: ENGINEERED FAMINE: California diverting water flows into the ocean, depriving rice farmers of necessary irrigation to grow food

      6. The Food Crisis & The Intended Solution

      7. May 17, 2022: Food riots: Violent protests erupt in Sri Lanka and Iran as prices of everyday goods soar

    9. Drug Shortage:

    10. Semiconductor Shortage:

    11. Aluminum Shortage:

    12. War-Related Shortages:

      1. 17 Jun 2022:

        ‘Marching towards starvation’: UN warns of hell on earth if Ukraine war goes on

      2. May 27, 2022: Food crisis looms: Sanctions against Russia threaten global food security

      3. March 25, 2022: “It’s Going to be Real,” President Biden on War-Related Food Shortages

  2. Inflation = Fiat Currency Collapse, and that risk being especially great for the USD

    Articles include:
  3. General Economic Collapse

Secondary Effects of Econoomic Failure:

It's worth keeping in mind that all of these are unnecessary in a well-manage economy outside of wartime or other external disaster:

  1. Wealth Disappearance for example, if you hold fiat currency and confidence in it suddenly collapses, you've lost all the purchasing power suddenly.

  2. Widespread Unemployment

  3. Widespread Starvation

  4. Freezing to Death due to lack of sufficient energy supplies in winter. Europe is facing this, for example, in January 2023, due to sudden sanction and sabaotage based restrictions on its natural gas supplies (which used to come from Russia).

  5. Stock Market Collapse since companies which can't make profit aren't much value to own.

  6. Social Upheaval secondary to the above life threats pressing individuals in their daily lives. Desperate people may do desperate things they normally would not do.

What the Truth Is:

Even if resources are fixed, technology should increase over time, allowing us to use the same resources much more efficiently to support more life. For example, we can produce food with machines now with vastly less effort than it used to take doing farming by hand or even with animals.

If there are shortages in supply of anything not caused by unexpected disaster (and even that can be prepared for to some extent), it suggests serious mismanagement of our economy.

Unfortunately, selfish reasons to mismanage or attack national economies abound, including such reasons as:

  1. Scarcity increases prices and therefore profits for whichever producers remain able to produce through the crisis. For example, when the Nord Stream pipeline supply of natural gas was restricted by sanctions and then sabotage in 2022, the USA natural gas sellers stood to profit by no impairment of their ability to produce and able to sell to Europe for a much higher demand and price.

  2. Scarcity increases Government levarage over the Public to implement things they want, against the interest of the People, so long as the Public doesn't blame the Government for the scarcity. If things get very scarce, people look to Government for help, at which time they can dispense that help with conditions which would normally not be accepted. This thinking is one theory by which globalists might try to institute a new (and more oppressive) technocracy system: by destroying our economy until we are so desperate that most of us will accept anything no matter the conditions. Regardless of that, something similar was already done in the COVID crisis, where Government ordered economic lockdown, and only permitted society to be relased from it when a certain percentage of population vaccination was acccomplished.

    If the Public blames the Government for the crisis, however, the result is different, and the corrupt Government is typically overthrown. For example, Sri Lankan crisis 2022 was caused by the Government immediately ordering all agriculture to go organic, which they were not ready for, and which collapsed food production.

  3. Scarcity, even if artificial, supports the scare of 'overpopulation' which the Establishment seems to want us to believe, because that, in turn, supports a variety of anti-human measures.

  4. Scarcity supports war and attacks on humanity in a variety of ways. Sometimes the nation victimized by an embargo or sanctions feels pressed enough to attack to break out of it, such as Japan did in WWII. Sometimes people who believe that 'overpopulation' is the cause of all economic problems will support a war as a way to supposedly stimulate their economy at the cost of foreign lives. In the COVID crisis, the majority supported vaccine mandates to be imposed over everyone (which is a critical human rights violation: without the right to decide your medical treatments no other rights matter much) on conditional promises of being set free by Government from Government-ordered lockdowns.

  5. Scarcity supports inequality especially villification of whoever Government wants the Public to see as the cause for that scarcity, usually to garner public support for a war against them. For example, in 2022, dramatic economic mistakes, exacerbated in the COVID crisis, started to take their toll on the economy, for which Western governments and mainstream media directed the Public to blame Russia for its defence (at that region's invitation) of a tiny region of south-west Ukraine.

Example article: Globalists are terrorizing humanity with artificial SCARCITY of everything: Food, energy, fertilizer and more… When we defeat the controllers, we unleash ABUNDANCE for all

Government Persecution of Independent Solutions:

What We Can Do About It:

Pray, prepare, and become as self-reliant as you can. The more reserves and independent supports you have, the less dependent you are on the external economy and the less vulnerable you are to its mismanagement.

  1. Food supply tips: 5 Food preservation methods to learn before SHTF

  2. May 27, 2022: Dr. Robert Malone: Wartime gardens key to beating food crisis

  3. Talk to your financial advisor about preserving our wealth in inflation-resistant assets.

  4. Stock up on and have backups of all of the things you depend on.

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