Innocent Bloodshed:
The Throne of Hell

Last Update: 10 May, 2022

What the Issue is:

What the Threat is:

When innocent blood, of any kind (human or animal), is shed, the guild of that blood pollutes the entire region on a spiritual level.

That spiritual pollution is a curse, empowering evil there.

Speculation on Why this is done:

God chooses rulers, not people, but there is a relationship between the morality of the people and the type of ruler they deserve which guides this choice.

In particular, evil people cannot rule unless the society is also evil. So they have an incentive to make sure that their society has blood on their hands and keeps it there. They encourage us in activities which will diminish public awareness, and maximize public guilt, to empower spiritual evil (too keep them in power) and discourage spirtual good (which normally would have overthrown their power).

In this way, spiritual good, though powerful, lacks moral justification to overthrow them to reward the people with a better government, and the people aren't eve aware that they're being enslaved by their own sin.

How It's Been Happening:

Chief among these sins is the shedding of innocent blood.

The Public has been strongly encouraged to be engaged in the shedding of innocent blood, especially to somehow consent to it (such as by voting for a political party which will allow it to continue), while being strongly discouraged from thinking about or questioning the cruelty, in these ways:

  1. Abortion. The aggressiveness with which Western politicians defend and promote abortion can only reasonably be explained as them knowing that the continuance of their unrigtheous rule depends on it. No other justification makes enough sense for them investing so much energy to do this in a society which doesn't want it. Many abortions are in fact a satanic ritual. That's why so many politicians fight so hard to keep abortion going no matter the situation, even ensuring its access when all other non-emergency procedures are prohibited due to lockdowns: they know that this is the primary thing supporting their unjust rule on a spiritual level, and they will do anything to keep that blood flowing, no matter what laws they need to pass, or how much money they need to spend. That's why their arguments make no sense, and why they totally lose their minds if abortion is challenged.

  2. Stopping elective abortion is the single greatest thing we can do to improve our world on a spiritual level (which the physical level must follow). That is why stopping it has been so opposed.

  3. Animal medical experimentation: This is not only being done, but it's actually required to market any drug in many countries, and many of the tests, such as the LD50 test which is so comon, actually requires the death of a fixed percentage of the experiment (50% in this example) or the experiment doesn't stop until that many animals die. This cruelty is only performed behind closed doors, and never discussed in mainstream media channels. Advocates insist that animal experimentation is absolutely required to find desperately needed cures and any other opinion is uninformed. The reality is that research by animal experimentation must be spiritual cursed and no cures have come for our main diseases despite a world of unrestricted medical experimentation for thousands of years. Many animal experiments are so useless as to not even be referenced by a single scientific paper.

  4. Animal slaughter for fur. Although it's arguably justifiable for humans to kill animals for survival, in modern developed society the choice of fur is a luxury, for fashion, not a necessity. There are also many faux options available now which look virtually the same (although animal advocates loathe to wear them in fear of possibly sending the wrong message to a casual observer who might think it's real). To demand such a petty luxury when it means the death of an innocent animal is cruel. But of course the cruelty isn't shown to the consumer, only the coat.

  5. Animal slaughter for food: People in a developed society of plently don't need to eat animals to survive, and are healthier without doing so, making the choice to eat animals a completely unnecessary cruelty. Furthermore, since these animals are raised only to be destroyed, in a for-profit model, the industry has no incentive to make any part of their lives comfortable. If people only understood how much they harm their health, lower their intelligence, and pollute their region with spiritual guilt, to prop up the rule of evil, they might stop it.

  6. Missing presumably Slaughtered Children There are way too many going missing to think that there could be that many men given over not only to perverse sexual desires, but willing to inflict that kind of cruelty. If it's mostly not perverted men, and they're not coming back, then where are they going?

  7. Foreign Assassination and Immoral War. It's amazing how many times democratic societies will support war and assassination and collateral killing if it's in another country and especially if they are scared, without needing any other justification than being scared. For example, the West has not only assassinated people in the Middle East by drone strikes, but done so while they are attending weddings and funerals, and killed many other attendees in the process. Sometimes they have actually waited until first responders come to send a second missile to kill them too. The Public responsible is not much shown this, for example, CNN domestic (USA) broadcast didn't show human casualties of the 2003 Iraq invasion while CNN International did. But the innocent blood cries out to God all the same.

  8. Pharmaceuticals: So many people are dying from pharmacuticals used as prescribed that we should be questioning if these are actually a way of killing people under the guise of helping them. Although human-made chemicals which don't exist in nature are the preferred basis of pharmaceuticals, so that they can be patented for maximum profits, it's worth noting that our bodies are not made to respond to synthetic chemicals which don't exist in nature. In whose name is this killing done? There are snakes in medicine.

Why We Should have Realized this was Wrong:

Because we were also once in the womb.

What We Can Do About It:

Pray. A lot. Pray like someone's life depends on it. It does.

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